ziyuan 12 timmar sedan
bloody important game, lets go arsenal 🔴
MOSS LDN 13 timmar sedan
jumir gosain
jumir gosain 13 timmar sedan
win it we needed it the most now plzzzzzz win win win win
Patrik Csete
Patrik Csete 13 timmar sedan
Lacazette vs. Sheffield. The first one. But very is Elneny' latest?
Matthew Yeo
Matthew Yeo 13 timmar sedan
Sabih Ahmed
Sabih Ahmed 13 timmar sedan
yep i can bowl way better
Nameless 123
Nameless 123 13 timmar sedan
Please, Please, Please Arsenal win today 🔴⚪️🤞
The Zanzibarbarian
The Zanzibarbarian 13 timmar sedan
What's the betting Arteta plays a false No9 today, when we need to score and outscore Villareal!!?? 8-((...
nahom mark
nahom mark 13 timmar sedan
Pse get back wenger🇲🇱
December Suma
December Suma 13 timmar sedan
It's weird seeing Rob and Cal not walking together to the training ground
Tyler Schmitt
Tyler Schmitt 13 timmar sedan
Thank the lord KT is back in training, we need him for Thursday night badly.
08 anvay sharma
08 anvay sharma 13 timmar sedan
Even if we win by scoring a penalty for me it will be my may goal of the month
A Dre
A Dre 13 timmar sedan
Miedema vs west ham
Katlego Keakopa
Katlego Keakopa 13 timmar sedan
that pass from Partey😍
Suri Kibrom
Suri Kibrom 13 timmar sedan
Who ever scores today should win may of the month
Aaron Davids
Aaron Davids 13 timmar sedan
Well done ladies .. showing the men’s first team how to win games. Are you all available for the Europe league semi final tonight. You girls seems to play with more passion than the over paid men amateur men’s first team
Abdirahman salad
Abdirahman salad 13 timmar sedan
we must win today
Ishayu Kabir
Ishayu Kabir 13 timmar sedan
Please win today❤️
PES CUP 13 timmar sedan
plz but leno in the bench
Athuman Kitsanze
Athuman Kitsanze 13 timmar sedan
Kyeyune Mark
Kyeyune Mark 13 timmar sedan
I know that it will in tears for Arsenal against villareal😂
DoXsi 13 timmar sedan
Павел Пашкевич
Павел Пашкевич 13 timmar sedan
Beth Mead = Saka
Mr. oSo
Mr. oSo 13 timmar sedan
The women's games have either atrocious Goalkeeping and defending or top striking talent.....can't decide which.
Wtf Iaaan
Wtf Iaaan 13 timmar sedan
No goal exactly stands out bt I think Miadema's was really good
Dimitrije Stevanovic
Dimitrije Stevanovic 13 timmar sedan
We need better commentators for men
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak 13 timmar sedan
The Laca-BLOODCLAT-zette team goal was pure🔥🔥
Y B 14 timmar sedan
Nobbs had the best goal imo. That's a beautiful, beautiful team effort. Perfect execution!
sgngndh 14 timmar sedan
my lovely Vivianne Miedema vs West Ham
2015 Arya Karkera 58
2015 Arya Karkera 58 14 timmar sedan
Lacazette has more than just one goal of the month. So there should be no doubt.
David Rushe
David Rushe 14 timmar sedan
Arteta's eyebrows at 0:52 sums up our collective thoughts on Mustafi.
Captain Clout
Captain Clout 14 timmar sedan
Hey arsenal admin. It would be great to have players of both the men's and women's team make more videos together. Maybe the could commentate on one of the seasons games ???
Davyhillz TV
Davyhillz TV 14 timmar sedan
The best goal will be the one we score in the final to win Europa League trophy. That's the best goal for me. Don't care how ugly it may seem.
Mahzun Yuzlu
Mahzun Yuzlu 14 timmar sedan
Arsenal at the first half of 00s was the "smoothest" team I've ever watched. It was like watching a ballet, it was so graceful. And Bergkamp was the crown of it. It was always an exclusive pleasure to watch him and Arsenal. And no, I didn't see that ludicrious display at that time.
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 14 timmar sedan
If after this Europa league game if korenke will not sell arsenal then Arsenal fans another protests inside the Emirates stadium.. korenke out daniel ek in
Hikam Mu
Hikam Mu 14 timmar sedan
I voted for Beth Mead
mawerere brian
mawerere brian 14 timmar sedan
Superb goals We need Some tonight
Ishayat Ishty
Ishayat Ishty 14 timmar sedan
Todat we must score!!!
Saw Hotz
Saw Hotz 14 timmar sedan
I hope one of the ladies wins it.
kennedy bonuke
kennedy bonuke 14 timmar sedan
Back when I loved
Teo Takasu Brette
Teo Takasu Brette 14 timmar sedan
laca 🔥
Hải Kiên
Hải Kiên 14 timmar sedan
Luis Deaker
Luis Deaker 14 timmar sedan
Saka's for me COYG!!! please beat villareal
Radioactive vanilla
Radioactive vanilla 14 timmar sedan
Don't care about April's goal of the month just get May's goal of the month today, please
midz 14 timmar sedan
Where's Pepe vs Slavia away. Cold finish
Yonatan Mesfin
Yonatan Mesfin 14 timmar sedan
Heavenly Father I pray you keep the person that’s reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed. Amen💚
Joshua 13 timmar sedan
Have a blessed day my friend
Y B 13 timmar sedan
Amen brother. You too. We have the same first name :)
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak 14 timmar sedan
Amen and God bless you too 😊
Rizki Prasetya
Rizki Prasetya 14 timmar sedan
Ayooo kamu pasti bisa kalahkan villareal nanti 🙌
El Submarino
El Submarino 14 timmar sedan
El Submarino
El Submarino 14 timmar sedan
Harry Iyke
Harry Iyke 14 timmar sedan
It has to be Lacazette's first goal against Sheffield Utd. Superb team work for that one. It reminds me of better days gone by.
Underrated Music
Underrated Music 13 timmar sedan
Sonie Eliza
Sonie Eliza 14 timmar sedan
Hope we win today.COYG
!- 14 timmar sedan
If you can score those goals vs villareal it would be perfect
Ludovic MF
Ludovic MF 14 timmar sedan
Miedema should play for the men. Shes way too good imo. She deserves some recognition.
A Ugly Blue Thing
A Ugly Blue Thing 13 timmar sedan
She’d get bodied in the men’s league hope more reach her level in the women’s league
Sammy Ralte
Sammy Ralte 14 timmar sedan
Arteta Out..... Arteta Out.... Arteta Out
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 14 timmar sedan
I voted for Nicolas Pepe vs Slavia Prague, because he did it with his incredible pace and composure
Barakadir Hassan
Barakadir Hassan 14 timmar sedan
I miss you guendozzi
Rahul Brahma
Rahul Brahma 14 timmar sedan
Can the women play in the men's league??? I am sure they would do a better job
Emporio J02
Emporio J02 14 timmar sedan
Come on guys we need that "W" today...
ReEpZ JackkYT Gaming_
ReEpZ JackkYT Gaming_ 14 timmar sedan
No one cares about the women’s football l
Win htike
Win htike 14 timmar sedan
today fighting
Bacon _
Bacon _ 14 timmar sedan
Auba will step up against Villarreal and pull out a mask
Underrated Music
Underrated Music 13 timmar sedan
It better be in the final
Banta Njie
Banta Njie 14 timmar sedan
I can't forget Wenger I love him
DrBlastBoi-F2P PLAYER 14 timmar sedan
beth mead??
Namcha Station
Namcha Station 14 timmar sedan
Today We are together Arsenal Fighting
DrBlastBoi-F2P PLAYER 14 timmar sedan
villareal pls win.....
C2S 14 timmar sedan
yab mike
yab mike 14 timmar sedan
The winning goal vs Villarreal at today match will be the best goal because this goals don't contribute this much happiness and success for GOONERS
Kaden Pandher
Kaden Pandher 14 timmar sedan
I love this club and I always will
Riski Setiawan
Riski Setiawan 14 timmar sedan
Lawan villareal harus kombek..jgn jdi aib inggris
Kabineh kabba
Kabineh kabba 14 timmar sedan
Lacazette (sheffield utd)
Rebecca Hassell
Rebecca Hassell 14 timmar sedan
Has to be the team goal vs Sheffield 🔥
DEV S NAIR 14 timmar sedan
Teni Otw
Teni Otw 14 timmar sedan
That saka goal brings flashbacks to the better days
Abhishek Badarayan
Abhishek Badarayan 14 timmar sedan
Don't care who scored best in April pls score today where it matters and pls win
Cameron Lindell
Cameron Lindell 14 timmar sedan
Lets hope
Ewere Michael
Ewere Michael 14 timmar sedan
JAY P01736
JAY P01736 14 timmar sedan
1st I swear 1st!
പോരാളി DAMU
പോരാളി DAMU 14 timmar sedan
A.R. 2
A.R. 2 14 timmar sedan
GirlsLikeMySpaghetti 14 timmar sedan
GirlsLikeMySpaghetti 14 timmar sedan
Pepe goal was cool