Folarin Balogun signs new long-term Arsenal contract

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Folarin Balogun has committed his future to us by signing a new long-term contract with the club.
The 19-year-old striker, who signed as a scholar in July 2017 having been at the club since he was nine years old, has continued his impressive development this season, making his first-team debut and scoring his first goals at senior level.

Known as Flo among his team-mates, the academy graduate has scored twice from his six first-team appearances this season, with both goals coming in the Europa League group stage, away at Molde and Dundalk.
The New York-born striker, who has represented both the USA and England at youth level, has also continued to make an impact in our academy this season, scoring eight goals from his 18 appearances in the PL2 and EFL Trophy.
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Anim Venus
Anim Venus Dag sedan
Congratulations and well done Balogun, 👍🏼 This bear is expecting great things from you! Believe in yourself and set HuGe goals for yourself. I am looking forward to seeing you joining the great Henry and Dennis outside the Emirates.
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko 4 dagar sedan
banter fc dropping down the table like flies
William Marshall
William Marshall 5 dagar sedan
This young man is saying and doing all the right things. I'm excited to see him play!
Gede Madika Adhinata
Gede Madika Adhinata 5 dagar sedan
Next vid: Arsenal sign new manajer
Jamz Z
Jamz Z 5 dagar sedan
What you love to see 💜
abiodun60 6 dagar sedan
Why can't he look for a big ambitious club
Takeshi Tokio
Takeshi Tokio 6 dagar sedan
Now play him
whyahh 6 dagar sedan
we have one of the most promising young striker just signed a new contract. we have both our senior strikers out injured in our most important game of the season against villarreal. and guess what? this boy didnt get the chance instead we played emile smith rowe as a false 9. hopefully this decision to sign the deal doesnt come back to haunt him.
Mouhamed Sakho
Mouhamed Sakho 7 dagar sedan
Poor ballogun 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
AJ Daniels
AJ Daniels 7 dagar sedan
Finally some good news.
Dayle Dodwell
Dayle Dodwell 7 dagar sedan
What’s the point, poor kid never gets picked
Dgkk Dhh
Dgkk Dhh 8 dagar sedan
Nice to hear .This is a good news for Arsenal
Reason 8 dagar sedan
Hope he doesn't suffer the fate of winning the FA Cup for the Club only to be sold.
zico 8 dagar sedan
Living the dream....
George 8 dagar sedan
Folarin Welbeck
Ankunda Andrew
Ankunda Andrew 8 dagar sedan
Credit for Per
Jaming 8 dagar sedan
imagine balogun martinelli smith rowe and saka as the attackers three years later
Amogh Bajracharya
Amogh Bajracharya 8 dagar sedan
finally someone who is not afraid to show his ambition....big up flo.
Ezorelle 8 dagar sedan
They tried really hard to make him sign a new contract.
Dylan James
Dylan James 8 dagar sedan
Maat Ras
Maat Ras 8 dagar sedan
We need you Folarin. Right now things could be a lot better.
Boy10Dio 8 dagar sedan
give him some starts please. PLEASE there's nothing to lose by giving him a start in the league.
Leng Duke
Leng Duke 8 dagar sedan
I love everything about this video. Please make this a regular thing for the graduates’ new deals.
Deni Afandi
Deni Afandi 9 dagar sedan
I rather have balogun over nketiah
Zhang MandyLing
Zhang MandyLing 9 dagar sedan
Nice and great to hear that , Arsenal future striker good luck balogun
ArsenalDave04 9 dagar sedan
"Striker's union, Laca, Auba and Eddie" Martinelli: Am I a joke to you?
Max Price
Max Price 9 dagar sedan
please start him tommorrow
Mas 9 dagar sedan
I think the boy has made a mistake signing for Arsenal. Just look at Martenelli, hardly getting a game. His talent will be wasted by Arteta who is really bewildering when it comes to playing young talent. Arteta will not remain as Arsenal manager beyond next season, he will get his chance with a new manager.
Ajidahun Aderonke
Ajidahun Aderonke 9 dagar sedan
Congratulations Folarin,..excellent spirit and great grace is yours. Brilliant news! Keep on winning and shining. God got your back young man
snoozsta 9 dagar sedan
1:14 Mans can't hold a pen 🤣
Shaneey 9 dagar sedan
its blows my mind he never starts comes on 88 min
Lloyd Play's , gaming, transport and more!
Lloyd Play's , gaming, transport and more! 9 dagar sedan
Hopefully another winder kid like Saka, Smith Rowe etc
Mahib-Ul Haque
Mahib-Ul Haque 9 dagar sedan
S. Srg
S. Srg 9 dagar sedan
Announce daniel ek
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee 9 dagar sedan
Congratulations Flo! Chuffed you signed da ting! 🎉🖋
Wayne Marshall
Wayne Marshall 9 dagar sedan
Finally....he’ll probably start next game now lol
III 9 dagar sedan
a traditional number 9
kamalsutra 9 dagar sedan
Fabregas debut at 16, this guy 3-yrs late
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 9 dagar sedan
Balogun the next Saka and ESR
Tommy Hilllz
Tommy Hilllz 9 dagar sedan
People don’t let this great news distract you from the fact that kroenke needs to go!! He probably signed weeks ago & they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to drop this news
Robin Arden
Robin Arden 9 dagar sedan
Great job Arsenal. We love you !
space is made in a hollywood basement
space is made in a hollywood basement 9 dagar sedan
Just dont let our young Guns get influenced by those seniors who are mostly instagraming or whatever in the dressing room mostly .
Harry Hicks
Harry Hicks 9 dagar sedan
Got something about him for sure.
Rugi Jofrey
Rugi Jofrey 9 dagar sedan
They need to play him now Laca and Auba sick we need goals
Gozienna Anamelechi
Gozienna Anamelechi 9 dagar sedan
He has a kid?
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout 9 dagar sedan
Lol that's his sister
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 9 dagar sedan
Congrats hope to see you in the shirt scoring goals 👍👍👍👍
Aksi Mahasiswa Muda
Aksi Mahasiswa Muda 9 dagar sedan
George Jung
George Jung 9 dagar sedan
Dude is built like a monster. Why ain’t he playing
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 9 dagar sedan
Lethal finisher and needs to be brought into the first team
Fredd Mitt
Fredd Mitt 9 dagar sedan
Good for young lad.Hopefully he doesnt go thru a meltdown like Auba after a bumper deal.Let him now scale up his worth...good luck next big thing.
Greder Operater
Greder Operater 9 dagar sedan
Master 101
Master 101 9 dagar sedan
Sell Arsenal
Layla 9 dagar sedan
Want the ESR video next
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 9 dagar sedan
This club always produced quality young players but but because of that idiot owner in the past club sold of a lot of quality end products. If only they had backed wenger with 3 to 4 additional signings in late 2000s the club could of won bigger titles that era. Hopefully in future none of these players are sold of and weak areas are strengthened.
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 9 dagar sedan
If the club had good owners emi martinez still would of been at the club. And probably a few positions up in league
Panos Giannoukakis
Panos Giannoukakis 9 dagar sedan
Brilliant news that Balogun has committed his future to The Arsenal.
Shax HC
Shax HC 9 dagar sedan
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 9 dagar sedan
Korenke out
Sudhan Bhattarai
Sudhan Bhattarai 9 dagar sedan
Can we dump our current strikers now please? Give this kid a chance on first team.
Edwin Hutabarat
Edwin Hutabarat 9 dagar sedan
Arteta out
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 9 dagar sedan
Means nothing if he’s just sat at home.
Elçin Mirzə
Elçin Mirzə 9 dagar sedan
Arsenal & Azerbaijan fan club of baku
Elçin Mirzə
Elçin Mirzə 9 dagar sedan
ARTDI 10 dagar sedan
accept the spotify guy offers
Daniel Doherty
Daniel Doherty 10 dagar sedan
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 10 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out
JS 10 dagar sedan let him play all the PL games until end of season.
Bill Glass
Bill Glass 10 dagar sedan
Well done my son ,👏👏👏👏 You deserve it ! you are a GOAL MACHINE !
Gerardo Arias
Gerardo Arias 10 dagar sedan
Could’ve sworn balogun was from New York
Chuck Gillespie
Chuck Gillespie 10 dagar sedan
COYG!!! - Stick together, Boycott all Arsenal matches and Jersey's - KROENKE OUT!!!! All respect to the players and manager!
Tom R
Tom R 10 dagar sedan
Really good video. More of the same with extensions and transfers please
Jose Giovanni
Jose Giovanni 10 dagar sedan
love it Flo and Per. Now let’s get Kroenke out and we’re set lads
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas 10 dagar sedan
Auba: “I like his style” Instagram: SWEG SWEG SWEG SWEG SWEG 😂😂😂😂
jay med
jay med 10 dagar sedan
Thanks lad.
Khizer Azeem Khaliq
Khizer Azeem Khaliq 10 dagar sedan
Get Thierry viera and Dennis in with Spotify boss to own our club Kronke out
Arshavin 10 dagar sedan
Hopefully, "Arteta was sacked" video will be coming soon. His personnel management and team selection can't be any worse.
Lol Z
Lol Z 10 dagar sedan
is he acc american?
Jeppe Eriksen
Jeppe Eriksen 10 dagar sedan
Love Mertesacker! But pls get a haircut
KDot28 10 dagar sedan
Announce Spotify transfer 👀👀👀
Jacques Fouché
Jacques Fouché 10 dagar sedan
Love Saka bottom right at 1:01! 😁
CHIEF BADDY 10 dagar sedan
The amount of Nigerian players in the academy is mad. Big big respect to all the kids stepping up. That’s wassup! 💪🏾🙏🏾
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid 9 dagar sedan
That's why club needs a dongote to come in and kick that clown out
Darryl Mokhe
Darryl Mokhe 10 dagar sedan
Congrats balo
Darryl Mokhe
Darryl Mokhe 10 dagar sedan
Congrats balo
tee tee
tee tee 10 dagar sedan
KROENKE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reginald Alford
Reginald Alford 10 dagar sedan
Got an idea.... play him
Michael 10 dagar sedan
Excellent prospect. His numbers at youth level are insane. Good on you, Folarin. Per's doing a great job too.
Sin1979 10 dagar sedan
next step year long loan into the championship like ESR, then into first team after that.
Keith Kim
Keith Kim 10 dagar sedan
Hopefully this goes better than Auba and Ozil signing contracts
AFTV Rants
AFTV Rants 10 dagar sedan
Now play the kid
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 10 dagar sedan
Better than nketiah
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout 9 dagar sedan
Thats not hard
ToroYToi 10 dagar sedan
Got one crucial signature now we need Daniel Ek to sign da ting
Farook Dinaully
Farook Dinaully 10 dagar sedan
Hope Arteta doesn't destroy him like he has done with Pepe,Ozil,Saliba and Geuendouzi.
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout
Shafi Chowdhury #Kroenkeout 9 dagar sedan
@Farook Dinaully we all know that he will
BECAUSE PEOPLE 10 dagar sedan
Aiden O'Lone
Aiden O'Lone 10 dagar sedan
interesting to see how much Mertesacker loves the club and you look at his CB partner Kosceilny couldn't wait to leave I always had a feeling it would be Per looking to leave before Kosceilny
Josias Mpiana
Josias Mpiana 10 dagar sedan
Start him thursday. Now.
Sanele Sthabiso Zondi
Sanele Sthabiso Zondi 10 dagar sedan
Give him number 8
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