HIGHLIGHTS | Bristol City vs Arsenal (0-4) | Women's Super League | Miedema, van de Donk, Mead

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Vivianne Miedema scored twice as we secured a convincing 4-0 victory over Bristol City on Sunday and returned to the top three of the Women’s Super League table.
Lydia Williams returned in goal to replace Manuela Zinsberger, while Leonie Maier filled in at left back with her first league start since December 2020.
Heading into this fixture on the back of four consecutive victories without conceding, we were full of confidence and opened the scoring after just four minutes through Vivianne Miedema.
The Netherlands international combined with Jill Roord on the edge of the box and fired into the bottom-right corner, finishing a well-worked team move.
Miedema then went on to rattle the woodwork with a looping header, before teeing up Danielle van de Donk to double our advantage from close range on the stroke of half-time.
We pushed on in the second half too with substitute Beth Mead pouncing on a loose ball inside the area.
And then two minutes later, Miedema converted her second of the afternoon by following up Jordan Nobbs’ saved effort.
Our No 11 has now scored 15 and assisted four in just six appearances against the Robins.
#arsenal #arsenalwomen
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mayton miller
mayton miller 20 dagar sedan
Miedema my baller🔴
Alioune Balde
Alioune Balde 21 dag sedan
The womens Gunners
Abdullahi Mohamed
Abdullahi Mohamed 22 dagar sedan
Arsenal MY friend s
Prasetya Hadinata
Prasetya Hadinata 25 dagar sedan
Miedema i love you...
Emmanuel Gundiri
Emmanuel Gundiri 27 dagar sedan
I recommend arsenal women's coach for the men's club
Theodox Dip
Theodox Dip 27 dagar sedan
Miedema is such an intelligent footballer😭❤️
Udaco 27 dagar sedan
Should be 10 - 0 if not due to their brilliant GK and the post.
TASHI TENZING 27 dagar sedan
Watching arsrnal womens cheers me up after watching the crappy display by the mens.
moses nduati
moses nduati 27 dagar sedan
The manager should be the one coaching the men team better than the foolish arteta
Mohamed Yannick Carrasco
Mohamed Yannick Carrasco 28 dagar sedan
Vivian my best player
Arthur Limbada
Arthur Limbada 29 dagar sedan
That Bristol team is really really bad
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 29 dagar sedan
Miedema is selfish sometimes We can win by 7-0 or 8-0 if she pass to the other teammates who is clearly at open space.. I don't understand why she is so selfish
Kxpuc 18 dagar sedan
There was plenty of games before the end of last year she would pass too much. It all evens out in the end
Lauren Astbury
Lauren Astbury 29 dagar sedan
Well done to Bristols goalkeeper and the post. Prevented a drubbing there.
messi rocker
messi rocker 29 dagar sedan
This is best Arsenal team out of Men n Women.
Jeshmin Karkee
Jeshmin Karkee 29 dagar sedan
Have to tell you, some of the touches and moves from our women team is far better than Man’s one .🙄🙄
charlie chong
charlie chong 29 dagar sedan
Ladies team should play in Epl...not mens team....
Random Electronic 2.0
Random Electronic 2.0 29 dagar sedan
The passing is absolutely glorious. Maybe they can give the men’s team some lessons.
Biang Tung
Biang Tung 29 dagar sedan
The ladies are better than the boys😍
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
59:00 defender literally kicked it back to the attackers feet. Things like that is why I can't watch woman's football, such terrible mistakes and woman goalkeepers are terrible, there might as well be no goalkeepers that's how easy it is to score against them.
Emmanuel Banda
Emmanuel Banda Månad sedan
women are doing much much better than the men
The Professor HD
The Professor HD Månad sedan
mark jeffers
mark jeffers Månad sedan
Miedema would get goals for our men's team for sure
The Zanzibarbarian
The Zanzibarbarian Månad sedan
City appeared lucky to get "0" 8-))...
Ygt12345 Månad sedan
Pretty poor effort from the Arsenal channel to upload this 2 days later... come on, step it up. The AWFC fans are desperate to support the team, but you sure don't make it easy for us to show that support - don't get me started on how the kit isn't easily available customised for the women's team on any online store other than on the Arsenal store...
Steven Photography
Steven Photography Månad sedan
They play better than the men...
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea Månad sedan
Top ladies. Our men's team are very poor and lazy now!
Евгений Юрьев
Евгений Юрьев Månad sedan
maybe the women's team will become the main one
Chrispus Njuguna
Chrispus Njuguna Månad sedan
Champions league qualification is the least expectation for the season. Otherwise, those are my ladies again. Top top performance.
Troy Bwoy
Troy Bwoy Månad sedan
I’m convinced the women play better than the men in recent matches, the amount of chances they created and took! 😦
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
But put Arsenal woman against men and they would get smashed 30-0. Stop with the sarcastic comments
Glitch Månad sedan
Can we please play the women's team in the Europa league/
Nemz Månad sedan
Love this team...good to see DVD on the scoresheet again :)
George Omondi
George Omondi Månad sedan
Miedema vs the goal post
Ray 레이
Ray 레이 Månad sedan
viviane miedema one of the greatest player in the world of women's football
MSNmags 29 dagar sedan
@John Zee like you could do any better 😂
Ray 레이
Ray 레이 Månad sedan
@John Zee ah, you probably never see her play, age 24, scored 59 goals in 63 apps for arsenal, scored thunderbolts easily, breaks the record as the most productive striker in history of wsl, and she's also date her own teammates. not as good as the worst men player? i don't know about it mate
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
Still not as good as the worst mans player in the world
Abdikafar Abdi
Abdikafar Abdi Månad sedan
Viv over auba anyday
Joseph Y
Joseph Y Månad sedan
could have been 14-0
Silenced Demolisher
Silenced Demolisher Månad sedan
Women’s Attack 😻 Women’s Defence 😹👎🏽
Lamar Brela
Lamar Brela Månad sedan
At least
Munguci D. Etriga
Munguci D. Etriga Månad sedan
Is it against soccer rule to have Meidema in men's team?🤔
danguni2 Månad sedan
I felt I watched this highlight like this one a few days ago. Ah, it was Liverpool beating a weaky till the end of the video clip.
Petey Månad sedan
Bristol had just 3 shots, compared to our 27 shots 🤩 Sheer dominance!
Md Fayaj
Md Fayaj Månad sedan
Miedema can score hatrick in each game😀❤️
kyle green
kyle green Månad sedan
Who else is watching the arsenal women because they camt be asked with arsenals mens team
Leo van Sandie
Leo van Sandie Månad sedan
Can we have Meidema in Men team?. She's so good.
David Hong
David Hong Månad sedan
ppl aint ready for this deabte: arsenal womens > arsenal mens
Omolemo Kgaile
Omolemo Kgaile Månad sedan
U just gotta love Viv the 🐐
Dicky Ramdhan Siswara
Dicky Ramdhan Siswara Månad sedan
For many times : can Miedema get in to the men team?
AKking27 Månad sedan
If I was a Tottenham fan I would have given up watching football along time ago it’s depressing. Maybe try a different sport which would bring more joy, maybe something like Golf or Badminton or something..
the has slinging slasher
the has slinging slasher Månad sedan
Arsenal men vs arsenal women
Jamzor Live Football
Jamzor Live Football Månad sedan
Football Club
Football Club Månad sedan
*These ladies have fantastic skills.*
Leandro Bjorn
Leandro Bjorn 12 dagar sedan
@Lesley Engelmann i am trying it out now. Seems promising.
Lesley Engelmann
Lesley Engelmann 13 dagar sedan
dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaplekt. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)
AKking27 Månad sedan
If I was a Tottenham fan I would have given up watching football along time ago it’s depressing. Maybe try a different sport which would bring more joy, maybe something like Golf or Badminton or something
Mansur Yare
Mansur Yare Månad sedan
Than the boys of Arsenal
Mathew Hudson
Mathew Hudson Månad sedan
Excellent job by the ladies again 💪👍 but also props to the Bristol City's keeper who spared them a heavy loss
1 1
1 1 Månad sedan
Any chance we can get some of these women playing for the men's team?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Balck _coco21k
Balck _coco21k Månad sedan
Request for Arsenal to put all the highlights of Arsenal women it’s amazing to see the wins but the losses and the draws have to be here too!
Balck _coco21k
Balck _coco21k Månad sedan
@Sam Atter true but still
Sam Atter
Sam Atter Månad sedan
they've won five in a row
Pradhan Månad sedan
The Bristol City GK must have made more point-blank range saves in this game than any GK this season .
Andi Brawijaya
Andi Brawijaya Månad sedan
I tought it was chelsea at first( From the crest)
cskaismful Månad sedan
Well done ladies. At least you are representing The Arsenal properly with pride unlike that utter shambles the mens team is. At this point Id love it if this channel only posts highlights form the ladies team cause watching highlights of those losers constantly embarrassing themselves the club and the fans is not good for ur nerves and health.
Erkinboy Davlatov
Erkinboy Davlatov Månad sedan
GamingOheneba Månad sedan
Well done girls 🔴⚪
I am Por
I am Por Månad sedan
The ladies should be in the men’s team 😒😒
Ramya bichu
Ramya bichu Månad sedan
പൊളി 🔥🔥🔥❤
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity Månad sedan
I lost my job last year during the global pandemic😷 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌎⚽️
aditya desai
aditya desai Månad sedan
Just sign Miedema in men's team. She is better than what we have got currently in men's team. Good to see women's team performing well
Marc Hamill
Marc Hamill Månad sedan
That was 4-0 going on 8 or 9!
Legend RockPlot
Legend RockPlot Månad sedan
Women could beat the men's first team ATM I reckon
Achille Lele
Achille Lele Månad sedan
Oh my Gunners girls can play good football. Am so proud, well done ladies
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
Only looks like they can play because its against other woman
Jiggykillauk Månad sedan
Just forget the men! They are a bunch of overpaid disappointments!!
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju
Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju Månad sedan
I see what you did there admin.
Maryann Månad sedan
At least the ladies made us proud 👏🏼👏🏼
Stefane Månad sedan
Well done women’s team👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 you lot are slapping every team up and the men’s team can’t even beat a Liverpool who have been smoked by almost everyone in the league. EMBARRASSING
superstarajl Månad sedan
Some lovely football! Go Arsenal!
teto madiba
teto madiba Månad sedan
If the Arsenal male team was as good as the female team, life would be great.
Trevino Lee Reddy
Trevino Lee Reddy Månad sedan
Thank u beautiful arsenal ladies for keepn us fans proud....lord knows arteta n his clowns are not....
Poison Dart
Poison Dart Månad sedan
Miedema is the Haaland of womans football
andi leka
andi leka Månad sedan
Lol can this team play instead of our senior team 😂
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
Stupid comment, the woman would lose 20-0 minimum
PFx Månad sedan
Can we list Miedema 🐐 on the men’s team as well please?
Juliette Barasch
Juliette Barasch 24 dagar sedan
I’d wager your misogyny is stupider than this comment
Ademidun Adetogun
Ademidun Adetogun 27 dagar sedan
I wish every day
Ademidun Adetogun
Ademidun Adetogun 27 dagar sedan
@John Zee please she ain't that bad i would anything to move higher up that table
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
We all know she would get slapped up and contribute nothing but giving the ball away. Why do people make these stupid comments when we all know she would have no chance against men.
Omolemo Kgaile
Omolemo Kgaile Månad sedan
I wish
Stephen Efesoa
Stephen Efesoa Månad sedan
Say I if we should watch women's football instead of men😂
Ademidun Adetogun
Ademidun Adetogun 27 dagar sedan
A G Månad sedan
I'll take any of our strikers on the womens team over Auba. Go girls!
Sheri Khaled
Sheri Khaled Månad sedan
Watched the match live on FA player, I called that arsenal was gonna score in under 10 mins. Also love you Joe sad that you're leaving arsenal at the end of the season thanks for all you've done for the team!
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 29 dagar sedan
Is it Free?? Please teach me how..
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast Månad sedan
Atleast the Arsenal Ladies aren’t utterly depressing! 🔴⚪️👌🏻
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
Just utterly impossible to watch without ripping your eyes out
Stefan Karageozis
Stefan Karageozis Månad sedan
Go Pepe
RNB WRC Månad sedan
If it's possible Arsenal ladies...should replace Arsenal men...a bunch of clowns!
Chijioke Nwaogbe
Chijioke Nwaogbe Månad sedan
Well done ladies. Making us proud as always 👍
Oli H
Oli H Månad sedan
Those goal were amazing wow!
Jason Eagles
Jason Eagles Månad sedan
Arteta take notes.
Ademidun Adetogun
Ademidun Adetogun 27 dagar sedan
AWFC CHAOS Månad sedan
Poor viv... the post denied her a hat-trick so many times!
Deepan Kumar
Deepan Kumar Månad sedan
The GOAT 🐐 should've had five goals at least!
Mattias Opp
Mattias Opp Månad sedan
miedema is better than aubameyang
Telwyn Broadley
Telwyn Broadley Månad sedan
Arteta please take notes
корвин амберович
корвин амберович Månad sedan
так би наши мужики катали
Billy Chrisnada
Billy Chrisnada Månad sedan
The manager of woman team will leave at the end of season... please manage the man team
Abdelwassie Musa
Abdelwassie Musa Månad sedan
Very good women GUNNERS WINNERS
Ekhomu Ferdinard
Ekhomu Ferdinard Månad sedan
Need to start playing some women in our men’s team
Wivas Poudel
Wivas Poudel Månad sedan
Joe is leaving Arsenal at the end of the season; Let’s end the season on a high ladies. Thanks for the memories Joe❤️🙏
FootballLover 28 dagar sedan
Is he actually, but he's the best manager for the Arsenal ladies
Ziich Månad sedan
I wish their matches were easier to get access to to watch online
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
You have trouble sleeping?
Katja K
Katja K Månad sedan
if you are outside of UK you can watch them on FA player it's free you just have to sign up!
John Ali
John Ali Månad sedan
What's your Instagram i can give you site
스프카레 Månad sedan
남자팀이랑 바꾸자ㅠ
Footy Recap
Footy Recap Månad sedan
👏🏽🔴 Check our latest video where we rated PL managers based on this season so far on Tier-List.
Cheng Xiao
Cheng Xiao Månad sedan
Best women player club is ARSENAL
Namcha Station
Namcha Station Månad sedan
GoonerGirlsGG 😍
Iyer Iyer
Iyer Iyer Månad sedan
My main causes of depression: 20% Home fights 10% School 15% Heartbreaks 5% Some Other Reasons 50% Watching Arsenal Men Team Play And I am only 15
John Zee
John Zee Månad sedan
Only 15yo, you know your team could beat this Arsenal woman's team
Iyer Iyer
Iyer Iyer Månad sedan
@Chijioke Nwaogbe You are right and thank you.
Chijioke Nwaogbe
Chijioke Nwaogbe Månad sedan
And you're only 15 indeed. Hopefully things will change b4 u hit 20 becuz at this rate, I don't know how my heart can possibly take another 10 years of this. You would think we should be getting used to this by now but each time they give us a reason to hope and then put our hearts in a shredder
Muhammad Syahraffi
Muhammad Syahraffi Månad sedan
okay kids
ستور مجاني!
ستور مجاني! Månad sedan
Woman's best the arsenal ♥️
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