HIGHLIGHTS | Sheffield United vs Arsenal (0-3) | Premier League | Lacazette, Martinelli

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Alexandre Lacazette claimed his 50th Premier League goal as we returned to winning ways in convincing fashion at Bramall Lane.
The Frenchman opened the scoring with his 49th in the competition - applying the finishing touch to a wonderful team move - before sealing the win late on with goal number 50, tucking home Thomas Partey's excellent throughball.
In between those two goals, Gabriel Martinelli scored his first for 15 months, after good work from Nicolas Pepe.
There was a welcome clean sheet as well, as we prepared for Thursday's must-win encounter in Prague in the perfect manner.
The only blot on the evening was an injury to Bukayo Saka, and it was the youngster - operating in a free role behind the forwards - who had our first attempt, blazing over after bursting into the penalty area.
The hosts were passing the ball nicely themselves though and David McGoldrick fired a shot just wide from the edge of the area in an evenly matched opening quarter of an hour.
But our link-up play up front was much improved from recent weeks, and we soon took control. Saka, Pepe and Martinelli were combing particularly well, while Dani Ceballos was full of nice touches in midfield.
It was one such delightful flick from the Spaniard that set up the opening goal for Lacazette. We worked the ball well outside the area, with Thomas Partey and Saka involved, before Ceballos found Lacazette with a deft touch, and he finished neatly past Aaron Ramsdale. It was a wonderful flowing team goal, and no more than we deserved at that point.
Martinelli had already flashed a couple of efforts wide while Calum Chambers - up from full back - had seen his low effort blocked by a defender when it seemed destined for the net.
Martinelli himself had a goalbound effort blocked when the ball fell to him from a half-cleared corner.
We were well on top by the break, and should really have been further ahead.
We continued to make chances after the break - Lacazette was unable to supply the finishing touch after being set up by Pepe - but we didn't look comfortable until the second goal finally came, 20 minutes from time.
It was Pepe who pounced on a loose pass, his low shot was only parried by Ramsdale, and Martinelli was in the right place to tap home his first goal since netting at Stamford Bridge in January 2020.
Lacazette raced through late on and confidently tucked home Partey's pass to bring up his half century - becoming the 10th Arsenal player to the landmark.
Now all thoughts shift to the Europa League.
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Alfie Fell
Alfie Fell 15 dagar sedan
Burhaan Filibiin
Burhaan Filibiin 20 dagar sedan
Nice arsenal
Sanztuyy CH
Sanztuyy CH 20 dagar sedan
Jean Christophe Nduwayezu
Jean Christophe Nduwayezu 21 dag sedan
Fakes players
ILyaas Hasan
ILyaas Hasan 21 dag sedan
How are you
O Dumper
O Dumper 21 dag sedan
Hendriesantio 21 dag sedan
Champions, top 4, out of top 4, even relegated I'm still a gunner
Imran Jamal
Imran Jamal 22 dagar sedan
Arsenal way
KINGTAZ TV 22 dagar sedan
Laca went hunting
Abdlh 22 dagar sedan
Arsenal reminds me of arsenal with their performance today
guttula raja
guttula raja 22 dagar sedan
Partey is a baller
Mark _i.c. whale_
Mark _i.c. whale_ 22 dagar sedan
Laca asks for the ball then immediately passes to Saka and runs behind taking one defender with him, as Saka got the ball all attention turns into him defenders wanna press but then they notice, Ceballos is unmarked, so they halt in their decision "will there be a pass to Laca or Ceballos will use the space he has?" but no Ceballos already saw Laca made a run so as soon he gets the ball he backheals it to Lacazette, with the amount of confusion second defender is too late to block Lacazette's shot, and Laca comfortably strikes with ease and accurate precision , a true masterpiece
Ali dubabaxaka zoom.
Ali dubabaxaka zoom. 22 dagar sedan
What i expect from parte on Thursday those kind of passes not jst shooting to kill the birds.
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 22 dagar sedan
Use cebellos when we can controll the game,don’t use him when we face some better team
John Muchangi
John Muchangi 22 dagar sedan
Crazy but Auba's absence is not felt as much as Saka's
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea 23 dagar sedan
Our new King MartiHenry!
fun 23 dagar sedan
Who else noticed that No body is asking for Aubameyang. HEHEHE. We need this positivity on Thursday
Sheddy Dum
Sheddy Dum 23 dagar sedan
Let Auba,Saka and Smith handle the midfield,we will dominate big time.
Sheddy Dum
Sheddy Dum 23 dagar sedan
Let Auba play as a midfielder,let Arteta try him there
Nimco Yacqub
Nimco Yacqub 23 dagar sedan
Everyone is talking about Thomas Partey pass what about Laca's run
Anaye Pappy
Anaye Pappy 23 dagar sedan
Partey assist
KrKl 23 dagar sedan
if Arsenal play against Slavia as in this match, it would be total destruction. great performance
Paradise Susangmu gaming
Paradise Susangmu gaming 23 dagar sedan
No one sees Pepe masterwork
shuja rather
shuja rather 23 dagar sedan
They don't deserve to celebrate....they should be ashamed
Paradise Susangmu gaming
Paradise Susangmu gaming 23 dagar sedan
Next deserving number 9 Gabriel Martinelli
Bekzhan Sultanbekov
Bekzhan Sultanbekov 23 dagar sedan
Brilliant team play after losing Liverpool. Confident and beautyfull play
Clinton Ajayi
Clinton Ajayi 23 dagar sedan
Is there anything wrong if we have the same setup on Thursday? Same starting XI too. Strongly believe it would rain goals.
Gunners for life
Painless ZM
Painless ZM 23 dagar sedan
Sometimes I don't believe we are 10th 😪
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 23 dagar sedan
Lacazette can win the golden boot if he keeps scoring like this
yudi pranata
yudi pranata 23 dagar sedan
this what we need bro !!! 1-2 touch !!! This is what I haven't seen since the last time Olivier Giroud was still in the arsenal!
JuiceWRLD 23 dagar sedan
If i was arteta i would put laccazete the arsenal captain
e1 awesome
e1 awesome 23 dagar sedan
0:07 If Gabi didn’t shoot instead cross for Laca, there’re bunch of his teammates were there to header or shoot, it would be much mature for his decision making
hoteliner story
hoteliner story 23 dagar sedan
For Arteta and team: Eroupa league Champions or out ???
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 23 dagar sedan
ceballos is really underrated
DELLI 22 23 dagar sedan
Please bench auba for the europa 2nd leg game. Keep martinelli, laca and pepe in the front 3
sedu benjamin
sedu benjamin 23 dagar sedan
I like lacazzete'd second goal. He must have learnt a lesson from Slavia plague goal
Imaduddin Al-Fata
Imaduddin Al-Fata 23 dagar sedan
Salam Jastok
Ricardo Kaka Sihotang
Ricardo Kaka Sihotang 23 dagar sedan
Gabriel Martinelli shows master class as the successor of Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope he stays at Arsenal FC until retires.
arun chanel
arun chanel 23 dagar sedan
Lacasette hero
Gwen 23 dagar sedan
✨ ✨✨✨Great focus and team work Gunners! Good to see the team having a good time and happy!✨✨✨✨✨👍🏼
Shou Sambitch
Shou Sambitch 23 dagar sedan
Where are the ''Arteta Out'' commenters now? 🤫🤫🤫
E 24 dagar sedan
Ceballos reminded me of Ramsey this match. Get him away from the defense, more up the field is where he belongs 🔥
thomoagogo 24 dagar sedan
It all clicked on Sunday now we need to keep the same effect on all the games left. Keep it going boys coyg
Achmad official
Achmad official 24 dagar sedan
Arteta out From gonners indonesia🇮🇩
People Of Culture
People Of Culture 24 dagar sedan
Thomas and Ceballos bosses in midfield Love this jersey even I'm not the gunners
Kun88 24 dagar sedan
wins vs weak teams then we flop against half decent sides
Ihsan Paripurna
Ihsan Paripurna 24 dagar sedan
arsenal that i love to watch
Andrew Muriithi
Andrew Muriithi 24 dagar sedan
Arsenal Media as usual with a late video.. Sheffield already posted theirs with now past 500k views.
Sopheap Horm
Sopheap Horm 24 dagar sedan
Love love Arsenal
Harris Dove
Harris Dove 24 dagar sedan
This is the Arsenal way🔥🔥🔥🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ Like Arsenal vs Norwich when Jack Wilshere scored that great team goal. COYG!!!
Harvind kumar
Harvind kumar 24 dagar sedan
I know this comment is not matching with this video can someone please asked for build *state for ARSENÉ WANGER*in Emirates Stadium😊
Rodney Sinclair
Rodney Sinclair 24 dagar sedan
Can't stop looking at that assist from partey... best I have seen all season
Rodney Sinclair
Rodney Sinclair 24 dagar sedan
Can't stop looking at that assist from partey... best I have seen all season
Nelmab Mayowa
Nelmab Mayowa 24 dagar sedan
Sadly enough,many gullible gunners will fall prey of this performance and raise their hopes too much ahead of Thursday's crunchy tie against slavia praha. Arsenal can win or just get a means to qualify by any other unexpected or miraculous win,say something like 2/2...3/3 draw. But it's pretty wise not to get too excited with high hope against praha because of the win against the struggling SHU.
teto madiba
teto madiba 24 dagar sedan
The best young striker Arsenal has (Martinelli)
ELDINHO 24 dagar sedan
Laka 9 💪
Rizky ALfiand
Rizky ALfiand 24 dagar sedan
gabigoal 🔥
Keith Dont Sweat
Keith Dont Sweat 24 dagar sedan
Second goal reminds me of the Arsenal of old... ❤️.
Sreejai Thykkandy
Sreejai Thykkandy 24 dagar sedan
Finally glimpses of the past glory from arsenal last game. partey could do more of those assists.perfect pass into the box.🔥🔥🔥
IstraBalagina 24 dagar sedan
Özil style of play
Monsieur Thames
Monsieur Thames 24 dagar sedan
win slavia pls
Aheesan30 24 dagar sedan
Lacazette doesn’t even need to to take a touch before the he scored the 3rd goal. That’s how good the pass from partey was
Sampson Amadi
Sampson Amadi 24 dagar sedan
I guess we treated ceballos to harshly
Vibhu 24 dagar sedan
No matter which era..which players...best team goals always belongs to Arsenal
Nabhan nbn
Nabhan nbn 24 dagar sedan
These goals reminds of our old days
Aidan Fin
Aidan Fin 24 dagar sedan
Knowone Is is respecting chambers he’s a main stay
Tukei Ryodrick
Tukei Ryodrick 24 dagar sedan
What an assist from Partey. Hope we play win on Thursday
hitman 47
hitman 47 24 dagar sedan
First half was all pepe falling down
Rubina Shaheen
Rubina Shaheen 24 dagar sedan
I'm a city fan but that first goal was 🔥🔥
Julian Aviles
Julian Aviles 24 dagar sedan
plz buy berge!!
板と釘と伏 24 dagar sedan
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak 24 dagar sedan
Martinelli deserved that goal was working tirelessly all game yesterday and his energy on the pitch is definitely contagious, as the other players started following suit. Yeah it was only Sheffield but we need this performance again on Thursday if we want to qualify for the next round!
Laurence Barnes
Laurence Barnes 24 dagar sedan
It's SHU they're bottom of the table. Great they played well but let's not get excited. They need to be playing like this against every team. RIP Claude
อัครพล มะลิกัน
อัครพล มะลิกัน 24 dagar sedan
Partey good killerpass
Ifan Fadly F
Ifan Fadly F 24 dagar sedan
Arsendal klub bego
ps4 and nintendo switch games
ps4 and nintendo switch games 24 dagar sedan
this is what i want to see! COYG
ugh 24 dagar sedan
This is why i always said ceballos should play in cam.
Cornelius Mambili
Cornelius Mambili 24 dagar sedan
That Thomas Partey Shake-off is Just Nuts... 😂
Maryann 24 dagar sedan
This will surely boost their confidence going into Thursday's crucial game COYG!! 💪🏻❤️❤️
Jamzor Live Football
Jamzor Live Football 24 dagar sedan
start Martinelli Thursday
Xx Rhys xX
Xx Rhys xX 24 dagar sedan
Go go Arsenal
Obed Solomon
Obed Solomon 24 dagar sedan
Lacazete went to prime Henry
Man Mano
Man Mano 24 dagar sedan
Don't sell laca this summer
Jackson Mpigi
Jackson Mpigi 24 dagar sedan
Partey thx for that Assist
Bambang Pee Wee
Bambang Pee Wee 24 dagar sedan
Wallid Jama
Wallid Jama 24 dagar sedan
easy win of course
Hà Nguyễn Việt
Hà Nguyễn Việt 24 dagar sedan
Lacazette is AWESOME
Kofiamoakosiaw Kasmow
Kofiamoakosiaw Kasmow 24 dagar sedan
That Partey pass is world class!
Saido Kulané
Saido Kulané 24 dagar sedan
Not a arsenal fan but laca is my no.1 striker❤🔥
survivor turnover
survivor turnover 24 dagar sedan
martinelli tho
Yaazi 24 dagar sedan
Please play martinelli more😩
Bejo Khatulistiwa 82
Bejo Khatulistiwa 82 24 dagar sedan
Clever play from Arsenal Players
criminal oldschool connection
criminal oldschool connection 24 dagar sedan
People say pepe was poor today but i understand him he plays not enough hope he does in future
Naval Thakur
Naval Thakur 24 dagar sedan
I want them to perform same against slavia
Tony Francis
Tony Francis 24 dagar sedan
Pepe was a bit selfish and the team didn't involve full backs in offence...Solid performance though
Vitor Nascimento
Vitor Nascimento 24 dagar sedan
Martinelli tem que ter mais minutos de jogo nas partidas que entra Martinelli joga até com um lateral quando o time está defendendo isso e jogar pelo time Mikel der mais oportunidade para Martinelli como titular 🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Wasabi Jones
Wasabi Jones 24 dagar sedan
martinelli needs to play more!
、. 24 dagar sedan
However, Dani will go back to Madrid this summer. We should get another central midfielder.
Mosioa Dlamini
Mosioa Dlamini 24 dagar sedan
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