'I'm so tired but so happy!' | Gabriel Martinelli on Sheffield United 0-3 Arsenal

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Gabriel Martinelli marked his return to the starting line-up with a goal and was thrilled with the teams performance in our 0-3 victory over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.
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Viced Edition
Viced Edition Dag sedan
From a teenager, on his way to become a man C'mon gabii we're counting on you mate 🤙🏾
Muhammad Sauki
Muhammad Sauki 10 dagar sedan
I hope Gabi can be success likely Kaka', He's playing style, I called "Kaka' on the Box" Hehee
Alfie Fell
Alfie Fell 15 dagar sedan
Floridius Haule
Floridius Haule 19 dagar sedan
This kid..hahahaha baby face like a female..
Thiago Torquato
Thiago Torquato 19 dagar sedan
Vai jogar muito no meu arsenal Gabriel... o futuro do Brasil está nos seus pés 🇧🇷
mongono battsogt
mongono battsogt 21 dag sedan
He couldn't say anything in English when he joined us now look at him. Brilliant!
Wash Kidu
Wash Kidu 21 dag sedan
He's learned more English that Martial's 3+ years of being in the Premier League
Udaco 21 dag sedan
Wow.. he can already speak English.
CEO Amaru
CEO Amaru 22 dagar sedan
Willian a fraud, Gabi a warrior
CEO Amaru
CEO Amaru 22 dagar sedan
Speaks better English than Harry KANE
arkie blak
arkie blak 22 dagar sedan
... Ready to play on Thursday!!! 🔥🔥
Emmanuel Okokon
Emmanuel Okokon 22 dagar sedan
His English has improved
Scott Adams
Scott Adams 22 dagar sedan
Great talent hope he stays for a long time
Scott Adams
Scott Adams 22 dagar sedan
Hes gona have that Hector accent soon enough get me blud!!
LostThoughts 22 dagar sedan
Nelli is amazing
Auba Shugla
Auba Shugla 22 dagar sedan
His English better than Kane's )))
Jasper Atighe
Jasper Atighe 22 dagar sedan
He's super improved his English
Ryan Omahony
Ryan Omahony 22 dagar sedan
Willian will start over him
Vishvendra Singh
Vishvendra Singh 22 dagar sedan
Video in a nutshell: I'm so happy
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis
TellMeThis IllTellYouThis 23 dagar sedan
THE LAST 5 SECONDS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Adebayo Charles
Adebayo Charles 23 dagar sedan
I love this guy so much
Sandro Gagishvili
Sandro Gagishvili 23 dagar sedan
He is really hunter on the pitch, but cutest guy in front of the camera :D
TASHI TENZING 23 dagar sedan
Please start him on thursday.
Kris Horst
Kris Horst 23 dagar sedan
So frikken happy to see Gabi back where he belongs in the starting lineup!
Saleh Mohd
Saleh Mohd 23 dagar sedan
He deserve to start on Thursday with pepe odegaard and laccagoals...
Mansa Mussa
Mansa Mussa 23 dagar sedan
Wow gabi already talks english
akaHermes 23 dagar sedan
If you played this to me blindfolded, I would say it’s Cristiano🤷🏾‍♂️
Aslan Heart
Aslan Heart 23 dagar sedan
Praise Jesus. God bless you.
JS 23 dagar sedan
Hint of David Luiz's charisma in Gabriel's talk. Great kid and I am sure David Luiz is supporting him like a big brother.
#JL 23 dagar sedan
Absolutely love this guy, the energy, the passion.
mrlevis1987 23 dagar sedan
This is man deserves much more game time! No reason not to have more opportunities, we have been underperforming all season!
Dropkiik MTB
Dropkiik MTB 23 dagar sedan
Great performance by Gabbi. Very impressed how well he can speak English now.
Yanto2013 23 dagar sedan
My favourite player at Arsenal FC. Gabi, Saka, ESR and Azeez are the future of Arsenal!
DredBesi 23 dagar sedan
King Martinelli 👏👏👏
mandy hill
mandy hill 23 dagar sedan
Well done Gabrielle Martinelli. Well done Laca.
Zohaib Chaudhri
Zohaib Chaudhri 23 dagar sedan
Good English. Maybe that’s why he’s not played for so long😅. Jk Arteta where’s he been you wally
Lindorm 23 dagar sedan
His English is getting better ✨
Tyler Schmitt
Tyler Schmitt 23 dagar sedan
“Ready to play on Thursday” I love that attitude brother
SZGamingHD 23 dagar sedan
0:30 What a guy😂❤️❤️❤️
Hard Roxxx
Hard Roxxx 23 dagar sedan
His English is good.....👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
IZZI 12-2
IZZI 12-2 23 dagar sedan
need to improve his vision
William Haron
William Haron 23 dagar sedan
His English is so good for samba player 🔥🔥🔥
Dj Mendez Kenya
Dj Mendez Kenya 23 dagar sedan
Gabi is happy and we're all happy!!
Olukayode Matthew Oladipupo
Olukayode Matthew Oladipupo 23 dagar sedan
He's english has gotten a lot better .
Cuan Butsky
Cuan Butsky 23 dagar sedan
Idk but he sound lowkey like CR7, hopefully he can be our CR7🙏🙏 his mentality and energy is what we need at our club
Kunal Gupta
Kunal Gupta 23 dagar sedan
Amazing talent and his English is 😎
JT Essex Gunner
JT Essex Gunner 23 dagar sedan
He's English is getting better 😍🔴⚪
Goutham N
Goutham N 23 dagar sedan
For me he is an x factor player for Arsenal ♥️
cristyoutube 21
cristyoutube 21 23 dagar sedan
we should play a 4-4-2,it s better with laca or auba to play both strikers or to have martinelli on support
esther nakakande
esther nakakande 23 dagar sedan
he should thank us we cmpaigned for him
CSandSoccer 23 dagar sedan
About time Gabi gets a run of starts, well done yesterday and keep it up bro!
Yellow Wookiee
Yellow Wookiee 23 dagar sedan
Gabi!!!! Great to see the lad on the pitch again! At last he can start scoring those goals again.
Faustin Oubamiyoung
Faustin Oubamiyoung 23 dagar sedan
arteta is one who change player every game why he no have 11??
nucleus 23 dagar sedan
Saka, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, Odegaard. I want to see all of them play together. Smith-Rowe on the left, Saka on the right, Martinelli in the middle and Odegaard behind them as the No.10.
Mista Austin
Mista Austin 23 dagar sedan
I'm glad to hear that. All the best
antoine sho bancon
antoine sho bancon 23 dagar sedan
His english is decent! Love that kid, he looks so humble.
Rohanna Francis
Rohanna Francis 23 dagar sedan
So happy for him, start him more please.
BPW_OFFICIAL 23 dagar sedan
WL 23 dagar sedan
Go on lad. Win us the Europa to salvage the season 😢
MO 23 dagar sedan
This Kid is amazing. I’m impressed by how well he speaks English now. He is definitely a hard worker.
Opeyemi Abdulai ajangboju
Opeyemi Abdulai ajangboju 23 dagar sedan
Always believe in the guy. Bug don’t juSt know why the manager always ignore him. So happy he scored
Bruno Koech
Bruno Koech 23 dagar sedan
This is pure talent ignored by his coach great play martinelli the future is bright
Sim S
Sim S 23 dagar sedan
Keep working gabi 👊🏽🔥
Alvaro Ezaa
Alvaro Ezaa 23 dagar sedan
Arsendal 🔥
david rotime
david rotime 24 dagar sedan
Need to start on Thursday. No questions!
kaykay london
kaykay london 24 dagar sedan
Bonita bonita.. sooo happy for the lad..👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Good win Scored some bangers... Clean sheet Same again on Thursday please.
K. Fernandez
K. Fernandez 24 dagar sedan
His English is good
LoGicA Gaming
LoGicA Gaming 24 dagar sedan
Gabi keep working hard brother, you have the talent to be one of the best players. Follow ur idols cr7/messi and u can achieve as much as they did.
Shane Smith
Shane Smith 24 dagar sedan
"Ready to play on Thursday" he said.. hope he gets his wish!!
Shay Burns
Shay Burns 24 dagar sedan
I love this man so much
Champagnesaka7 24 dagar sedan
That smile tell u everything.he’s really happy N should definitely start on Thursday 💯
Jonathan Peaker
Jonathan Peaker 24 dagar sedan
I love Gabi !
HerkDylanJR Woods
HerkDylanJR Woods 24 dagar sedan
When Mikel needs you, you need to be there
Rajat Biswas
Rajat Biswas 24 dagar sedan
Love u boy.....carry on
Mike B
Mike B 24 dagar sedan
"Ready to play Thursday" Love it ! Dieing to see more of Gab on the pitch !! Quality young gunner 🔴⚪💯
Sasha W
Sasha W 24 dagar sedan
Why is there a Jermaine Jenas add popping up before this ? Clearly more nuance needed for SEpost algorithms...😅
Joseph Kwashi
Joseph Kwashi 24 dagar sedan
And now for a Pepe English interview!
Abdinasir Ali
Abdinasir Ali 24 dagar sedan
Oh my God Iam so shocked how so quickly he learned how to speak English . When he joined he was only speaking Brazilian language in every thing he works hard for it . Surely he will be great player and legend if Arsenal can keep him .
Fajar Muhamad Ramadhan
Fajar Muhamad Ramadhan 24 dagar sedan
Loveeee gabi 😭
Cullen Hall
Cullen Hall 24 dagar sedan
He has to start over auba now
Cullen Hall
Cullen Hall 24 dagar sedan
This guy going places
Christopher Thompson
Christopher Thompson 24 dagar sedan
That last line saying hes ready to play on Thursday. Aww gabriel you fkin legend. The boy is electric. I've never been so excited to see an arsenal player on the pitch having been a support for over 18 years. I just hope to god he can stay fit.
Fajar Sukmaya
Fajar Sukmaya 24 dagar sedan
Transfigured Life
Transfigured Life 24 dagar sedan
Emery: Good ebening... Gabi: I'm alright and ready to play
ngc7331 24 dagar sedan
If he doesn't start on Thursday I will cry
Eritrawi Gunnerawi
Eritrawi Gunnerawi 24 dagar sedan
Gabi 🤞💪🏾
Andi Lamko
Andi Lamko 24 dagar sedan
God bless
Smith Jones
Smith Jones 24 dagar sedan
Good English great goal 👍
Truuu 24 dagar sedan
Damn this guy a icon speaking English already, a year of consistent football this guy gonna be a star
Deon Smith
Deon Smith 24 dagar sedan
Martinrlli : am alright am ready to play thursday is this confirnation abt another start for martinelli that would be kl
Dan Fry
Dan Fry 24 dagar sedan
Marinelli legend, so young with so much wisdom, intelligence & talent. I feel honored to have him at Arsenal.
Unruliest Mac10
Unruliest Mac10 24 dagar sedan
Start him on thursday! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Alexander Mengstu
Alexander Mengstu 24 dagar sedan
Gabi one day will be arsenal Legend
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 24 dagar sedan
He is great
John Robertson
John Robertson 24 dagar sedan
Martinelli lacazette aubameyang up front Thursday go 4-3-3 get stuck in and do it
cheekster777 24 dagar sedan
Pelé’s God Son aka Gabriel Martinelli...now is your time to shine!
Jorge Siles
Jorge Siles 24 dagar sedan
Better english than harry kane!!! In 1 year
John Robertson
John Robertson 24 dagar sedan
Canna believe he’s tired just a kid and he’s tired man up son you’re going to be amazing so don’t worry about being tired you need to bleed for the badge
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey 24 dagar sedan
Just imagine when he’s had a good run of games and has his full sharpness back. This guy is gona be a nightmare for other teams
Just Arsenal
Just Arsenal 24 dagar sedan
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