Martin Odegaard on life in London, Ronaldo, Real Madrid & more | The Big Interview

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Norway's captain sits down to discuss his journey to Arsenal and his thoughts on life in north London since his loan move from Real Madrid.
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Stu Don
Stu Don 12 timmar sedan
He's been solid for us this season. But he could be a worldy in years to come. Madrid apparently don't want to sell him, but I reckon we break the bank to get him. He's a good fit for us.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
Literally 99% won't see this but God bless you and be safe during these times I'm struggling to hit 10k💕
Thomas Kidman
Thomas Kidman Dag sedan
Is smith row is THE Next GAME
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dagar sedan
bit better at Madrid, i doubt he would be at Arsenal - especially the kind of situation we are in
Magic Mic
Magic Mic 3 dagar sedan
arsenals the best team
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag sedan
Arteta for everything, he is a brilliant manager, but he can only work with what he has, and our team is no more than just good.
Sagar Patel
Sagar Patel 3 dagar sedan
I like Odegaard but seriously, why all this gas over a loaned player?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag sedan
but I suspect that Real Madrid would want such a talent walk out of their club.
chocograph 3 dagar sedan
Du må spille mer direkte. Det blir for mange touch.
Rice Beans
Rice Beans 3 dagar sedan
Its so sad that he is going to leave back for Madrid in the summer. I was both happy and gutted as a norwegian gooner when we signed him on loan. For one minute there was pure euphoria and then sadness the next realising that if he just showed a shred off the quality he has for the arse he would deffo go straight back to pinche Madrid. What can you do tho when we are FC loan. Prob our best loan signing in decades but let us be real loaning top tier potential isn't going to take this club anywhere . We need to act decisively and swift in the transfer markets. It is weird seeing them spend fortunes on players in positions we dont need and then loan players for the important ones. To finish off my comment i would like to highlight where they club are when we are dependent on others either winning or loosing for us to either get players or finish in good positons in the league table. Its pretty bleak from my pov.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 dagar sedan
all players speak the manager is great but some fans dont think like this, i wonder why.......
megatt 4 dagar sedan
Johan Söderberg
Johan Söderberg 4 dagar sedan
Ödegaard is one of my favorite players. Amazing player and person. But why destroy this interview by having this stupid music in the background?
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 dagar sedan
bit better at Madrid, i doubt he would be at Arsenal - especially the kind of situation we are in
Ade Dwi Saputra
Ade Dwi Saputra 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for subtitle indonesia
Kofi Official
Kofi Official 5 dagar sedan
Fans talking about sign him we can’t even beat Fulham 😂
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 dagar sedan
Please beat Mr. gud ebening! If not, this is pointless!
mintz 6 dagar sedan
Sign him for a 3 year deal. He's just the wonder kid that you are looking for
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 dagar sedan
defenders.Weve got good wingers.Arsenal needs to be urgent in attacks and defend as a team.The urgency to win isnt there
elijah vickers
elijah vickers 6 dagar sedan
Martin odegaard is my favourite player
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 dagar sedan
we want to live The past and enjoy those moments. Much love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Gwen 6 dagar sedan
I’m not sure why Arsenal wastes do much time promoting people who don’t want to stay with the club. I like odegard but play the people who have a vested interest in Arsenal. Martinelli, Cedric, should’ve been started in the Villarreal game. Xhaka should be kept in midfield. Take chambers off. Stop wasting time on could be players. Odegaard is not interested in signing with Arsenal. I will apologize if he signs but he was upset when Real Madrid wanted to loan him out again.
David May
David May 7 dagar sedan
After his performance Tonight in Spain.HE CAN CLEAR OFF BACK TO MADRID
Berani Moses
Berani Moses 7 dagar sedan
Am highly disappointed in the team arsenall for the type of football politics there are using we are fans and if u are receiving your salary we need a positive result for us coz it is how we feel, "arsenal should change the game politics"
Vandalle 7 dagar sedan
The manager is great, the team is good, although he probably did so unintentionally, he just summed up our problem, this is what people need to remember. Stop blaming Arteta for everything, he is a brilliant manager, but he can only work with what he has, and our team is no more than just good.
JS 7 dagar sedan
Martin "Yeah" Odegaard. This kid makes football look so easy on the eyes and with a great future ahead of him. As an Arsenal fan I would be beyond thrilled if we can sign him but I suspect that Real Madrid would want such a talent walk out of their club.
Brian Rotich
Brian Rotich 7 dagar sedan
I think the real power rests on the player and where he wants to play. And I feel like he is really settled well at arsenal and he is going to be the focal point possibly the captain in the rebuilding of the arsenal squad which would make him feel important. EPL and the love of Norwegians for EPL may be another factor.
Pedro UN49
Pedro UN49 7 dagar sedan
all players speak the manager is great but some fans dont think like this, i wonder why.......
Thanh La
Thanh La 7 dagar sedan
If the Kroenke family is really serious with the team as what they promised, then signing this boy is a must !!!!
Brett Mostert
Brett Mostert 7 dagar sedan
I never knew Martin Odegaard has trained in my hood - 0.57 (Green Point - Cape Town South Africa)
Kartik Goyal
Kartik Goyal 7 dagar sedan
Laca go left!
9qeef 5uhaimi
9qeef 5uhaimi 7 dagar sedan
Pls stay
Fredd Mitt
Fredd Mitt 7 dagar sedan
Solutions to Arsenal problems lies in the squad.Trim deadwood and build the team on the young lads.Balogun is a decent striker and can muscle out experienced defenders.Weve got good wingers.Arsenal needs to be urgent in attacks and defend as a team.The urgency to win isnt there
Alex 7 dagar sedan
Please beat Mr. gud ebening! If not, this is pointless!
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 7 dagar sedan
Where are the values Of This Club. Just the Other Day The King Thierry Henry was Inducted in the PL Hall Of Fame but The Arsenal Page Still Doesn't Even Post Something about Thierry Henry. Arsenal Fans Want Thierry Henry Goals in The Premier League and his Total goals of 228 the record goal scorer Of Arsenal in This Page he deserves That we want to live The past and enjoy those moments. Much love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Aleksa Pivnički
Aleksa Pivnički 7 dagar sedan
Hope he stays!
Krisztian Szekeres
Krisztian Szekeres 7 dagar sedan
He is the most important transfer target for next season.
T C 7 dagar sedan
I have a feeling Kroenkes will buy him as a statement of intent. To make up for their completely S**T 10 years at this club. It still won't be enough
Phuk Lyyve
Phuk Lyyve 7 dagar sedan
Yeah but what do you think of the Kronkes?
Kaushal Agarwal
Kaushal Agarwal 7 dagar sedan
He is exactly like a player who can replace Ozil and have no complaints from fans..and on top of that he is very young. If we are really serious we cant let him go away
Cameron Lindell
Cameron Lindell 7 dagar sedan
Go gunners 🔴⚪️
Nafisa Lee Chyne
Nafisa Lee Chyne 7 dagar sedan
Matthew 7 dagar sedan
Would prefer Spotify on the shirt instead of fly Emirates.
k shanter.mchinku
k shanter.mchinku 7 dagar sedan
We need a win today boys.
슨슨이 7 dagar sedan
i really love him..
Adhim Dhamara Helmiputra
Adhim Dhamara Helmiputra 7 dagar sedan
Make him permanent Arsenal
Rude Boy
Rude Boy 8 dagar sedan
kroenke out
Poison Sockets
Poison Sockets 8 dagar sedan
We treat him like we own him. I wish we did
Gary The Snail
Gary The Snail 8 dagar sedan
Just came to comment. Really with all that's going on rn and we want the owners out. we really don't care about these videos. Maybe these foreign 13 year old fans do but Arsenal we dont wanna see this Crap
Crushal 45
Crushal 45 8 dagar sedan
Norway next president🔥🔥🔥
lamine diop
lamine diop 8 dagar sedan
Hii O V 0 v 3 Arsenl
If we somehow cannot sign him permanently i hope we can loan him for another season pleasee arsenal😭
Maadees channel
Maadees channel 8 dagar sedan
My channel need help plz flow me arsenal fans
Jordy Edwin
Jordy Edwin 8 dagar sedan
Word on the street he's recruiting Haaland
The One Above All
The One Above All 8 dagar sedan
I still believe Arsenal can be where it belongs again, the talent in those youngsters is immense.. Maybe premier league and champions league by 2024
Mohammed Seedat
Mohammed Seedat 8 dagar sedan
in sha allah arsenal win the europa league this season and champions league the year after ameen
Balck _coco21k
Balck _coco21k 7 dagar sedan
Europa is possible but CL are you mad????
Сергей Беляков
Сергей Беляков 8 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, there is little chance of signing him permanently
Korv med Bröd
Korv med Bröd 8 dagar sedan
We need him... please arsenal we cant allways go for 2nd or 99th choice... we need players like this...
M M 8 dagar sedan
It’s clearly sign by the fact that every player speaks so highly of arteta
Jim N
Jim N 8 dagar sedan
He wouldn't be featured so much if the plan isnt for him to stay
Matthew Schulz
Matthew Schulz 8 dagar sedan
Green point fields, Cape Town at 0:59 lol
Iain Bruce
Iain Bruce 8 dagar sedan
Nice guy
ITA Aviram
ITA Aviram 8 dagar sedan
Sign him
FEVEN 7 8 dagar sedan
he just telling the same story , media team need to find fresh content
35- 77
35- 77 8 dagar sedan
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser 8 dagar sedan
Martin, you look good in red and white, lad. Really hope you stay for a long time!
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 8 dagar sedan
please Martin Óodegard stay in our team you have an amazing talent, you will live happiness and so mutch footballistical objectives arrived with our team you have the talent, decission and humillity. Believeme warrior you are making and amazing job in our team Arsenal. Martín please think in a signatura for 9ur footballistical Institution the gooners and goonerettes we most support and believe in you
Amit Joy
Amit Joy 8 dagar sedan
Spotify in...kse out
Jimbo_Jumbo 8 dagar sedan
Daniel Ek in!
M. Sami
M. Sami 8 dagar sedan
Arsenal are treating him like s superstar. He is definitely not getting the same treatment in madrid. Unless something changes in the future
Tanbad 8 dagar sedan
When his loan end and he goes back to Real....*The bench to Odegaard * "Welcome back"
W-James 8 dagar sedan
Dayt4l 8 dagar sedan
W-James 8 dagar sedan
Bryan Baldizón
Bryan Baldizón 8 dagar sedan
I enjoyed very much this interview. I know it'll be difficult, because RM don't want to get rid of him, but I really hope he can stay with Arsenal.
ThatKidSON 8 dagar sedan
He really is a spark we missed. Sign him permanently. Madrid is £1 billion in debt. We need martin emile and another cam to boost our creative threat down the center
IzzatIshak98 8 dagar sedan
Dont care about arsenal anymore ..stop appear on my timeline..sack arteta ...find decent coach
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 8 dagar sedan
Shame he didn't talk much about Heerenveen, the place where I live. I met this guy once and I can confirm he's a top lad. Hope he signs for you, you guys need some good news.
Bil 8 dagar sedan
Announce Daniel Ek
KILEVA MEDIA 8 dagar sedan
Yaa men
KILEVA MEDIA 8 dagar sedan
Yaa men
Powfoot 8 dagar sedan
some one at real madrid needs their head checked, how is he not playing week in week out? O is so classy on the pitch, him and ESR actually make me wanna watch matches. Crazy thing is, he seems to love london life and arsenal, definitely our man in the next transfer window
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia 8 dagar sedan
I hope he dont ruin his career at Arsenal
David 8 dagar sedan
@Rubin Devasia clearly you are still triggered when I called you plastic fan and foreigner because it's true.
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia 8 dagar sedan
@David i can see who is getting triggered and crying too hard to show there english supremacy
David 8 dagar sedan
@Rubin Devasia why are you getting triggered when I called you a plastic fan, foreigner and make stories up. I think you need to go back to school to learn English properly because you are making a lot of spelling mistakes. So sad that you didn't come to United Kingdom to do the protest last week. At least I was in the Emirates Stadium last Friday protesting against foreign ownership trying to ruined football.
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia 8 dagar sedan
@David seems like you are too sad that some rich billionares are taking football away from you no wonder why you are getting triggered seeing my comments
Rubin Devasia
Rubin Devasia 8 dagar sedan
@David so you are crying because England cannot win a world cup but are the saviours of football okay keep crying and keep your football with yourself
peterpan demolde
peterpan demolde 8 dagar sedan
Back to Real Madrid
Oliver Silva
Oliver Silva 8 dagar sedan
Roseline Orihu
Roseline Orihu 8 dagar sedan
Arsenal potential lineup next season Leno Hakimi, saliba, Gabriel, Nuno mendes Partey, bissouma Saka,odegard, martinelli Edouard
Dayt4l 8 dagar sedan
peter redpath
peter redpath 8 dagar sedan
Get him signed up,assuming kroenke and arteta survive the summer,let's have 40 mill and get him before someone else does.
YB munashe
YB munashe 8 dagar sedan
good news: if kroenke stays at least we will buy odegaard, if he leaves we will get odegaard, it all actually depends on zinadine zidane
Yossi Schwartz
Yossi Schwartz 8 dagar sedan
Come on I wanna see you in the next arsenal game please u r so good
blagden 123
blagden 123 8 dagar sedan
Well I don’t have any confidence in our club keeping him
Realist 8 dagar sedan
wasted by madrid.. made the wrong choice.
aspect One way
aspect One way 8 dagar sedan
we need him for the match tomorrow
LKB11 LKB11 8 dagar sedan
"The manager is great, the team is good". For any Arteta out people, here is an opinion inside the club
Kyoukai Ten
Kyoukai Ten 8 dagar sedan
Sadly I see more arteta out after the recent bad results
Stefane 8 dagar sedan
@hello hello i tried to back this guy but its getting about ridiculous now with the defeats. Not only Kroenke should go but Arteta also for me if he doesn’t win the EUL. That is the only thing saving him from getting sacked. But Kroenke won’t sack him because they accept mediocrity. Just like arteta.
hello hello
hello hello 8 dagar sedan
@Stefane I'm not sure on arteta but it's defo more complicated than that. If we don't perform in the first month of next season ill agree he should go and he probs will
Stefane 8 dagar sedan
Dont forget we’re 10th. Fighting with promoted leeds and aston villa.
Chouda04 8 dagar sedan
We HAVE to sign Odegaard here is no other option
Rebecca Hassell
Rebecca Hassell 8 dagar sedan
Class player and seems like an even better guy. Sign him up
1 1
1 1 8 dagar sedan
Matthew Rusthoven
Matthew Rusthoven 8 dagar sedan
Best way for the Kroenkes to start building trust in the fans like josh said would be to lock this lad down permanently on day 1 of the window
Darkkus Pang
Darkkus Pang 8 dagar sedan
He has a Alex hleb look about him. Hope his just has good.
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter 8 dagar sedan
So much potential so much passion all of that will be for nothing if he goes back to Real
Leonardo Pérez
Leonardo Pérez 8 dagar sedan
You better stay here 😠❤️
08 anvay sharma
08 anvay sharma 8 dagar sedan
Sign him thats it he'll be one of arsenal legends he won't have a future at Madrid
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight 8 dagar sedan
There is no one who comes close to him for that 10 spot please secure him
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight 7 dagar sedan
Yeah smith rowe is great u lot but with Ø in the 10 and Esr on left we’ve been way more fluid
Josh Hart
Josh Hart 8 dagar sedan
@AK Media odegaard is a much better passer and a more skillful dribbler and he is 1 or 2 seasons away from being one of the best in the world in his position whereas esr is 3 to 4 from being a world class player and esr is different cuz he carries the ball whereas odegaard is a more traditional 10 like ozil
Moses 8 dagar sedan
Smith rowe plays rugby
AK Media
AK Media 8 dagar sedan
Smith rowe
Gary 8 dagar sedan
KRONKE OUT 🔴🔴🔴⚪️⚪️⚪️
Tay lh
Tay lh 8 dagar sedan
He looks like boyband singer
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke 8 dagar sedan
Let’s all get Spotify premium
Balck _coco21k
Balck _coco21k 7 dagar sedan
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke 7 dagar sedan
@E great idea
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak 7 dagar sedan
Already acquired!
E 7 dagar sedan
Let’s buy Spotify shares
Finn Duo
Finn Duo 7 dagar sedan
done it alr.
Mr Ok
Mr Ok 8 dagar sedan
Unfortunately zidane will keep him next season
rizwan mohammed
rizwan mohammed 8 dagar sedan
Why do I get the feeling KSE is trying hard to divert the attention from more IMPORTANT matters !
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