Mikel Arteta on the Super League, his reaction and preparing for Everton | Press conference

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Watch in full as Mikel Arteta faces the media ahead of Friday night's game against Everton.
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T’eeRbz 11 dagar sedan
Great turnout on Friday sadly marred by VAR and Leno (not for the first time). The owner and co. need to leave our club and take what is the least experienced manager in the top 3 divisions (if not Europe) with them. Hard to stomach what has been going on with this club for the last 10+ years and the sale to Kroenke ensured that discerning voices, particularly those of the fans, were shut out by a man who cares only about the brand and acquisitions but not Arsenal Football Club, it's traditions or true fans. Super League indeed when we're struggling to finish 10th in the Prem and have to win the Europa League as our only salvation this season. It's that or another year of paying Champions League football player wages after four years of no actual Champions League football, but this time without any European football at all. Unbelievable mess.
Jon Rend
Jon Rend 11 dagar sedan
Poor Mikel? He keeps losing lol
bakri1603 berkah
bakri1603 berkah 12 dagar sedan
Ah lu buang martins,, seandainya saja Leno yg lu buang itu lebih baik.
Aldi Olsen
Aldi Olsen 12 dagar sedan
Arteta out
Tj Rambo
Tj Rambo 12 dagar sedan
Mikel. The double pivot does not work. Partey can boss central midfield by himself. Arsenal attacks! Put on a second CAM. One touch football. Arsenal attacks!
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 13 dagar sedan
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 13 dagar sedan
we have to refuse this champipnship
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 13 dagar sedan
mister Arteta i believe in you defending our team
Macorino 13 dagar sedan
Kroenke OUT!
Johanes Handiyanto
Johanes Handiyanto 13 dagar sedan
Arteta out!!!!
Rustam Mazumdar
Rustam Mazumdar 13 dagar sedan
I have had faith in Arteta since the day he was appointed. He always sounded like he knew the foundation upon which future Arsenal success needs to be built on, and was committed to a sustainable process of growth and development. But the last few press conferences have me convinced that he is not the right man for the job. He has become a mouthpiece for these owners, who are master bullshitters themselves. They see Arteta's skill in the media and mold him to present the least confrontational picture of the situation. He has become spineless, due to no fault of his own in my opinion. He probably lacks a little confidence due to the results right now, and it wouldn't be easy to challenge owners who have put faith in him - but he is being manipulated and used. These are foundational issues that will plague this club and its functioning until these owners leave. I have been a fan of Arsenal for the last 15 years because of certain values that the club held - from how they approach the game on the pitch, to recruitment, financial spending, role in the larger footballing world. Arsenal always had an identity of its own, even until the bad Wenger days, they were always the club which were 'unbeatable on their day' and played the game 'their' way, no matter what. This identity can never be replicated by these business oriented PR expert owners, and it is inevitable that all their attempts to replicate the culture of Arsenal will result in the downfall of this club. I hope I am wrong, but when I watch these matches, I see nothing of the Arsenal that I have known and loved.
Oliver Silva
Oliver Silva 13 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out
Бакытжан Жылсаиын
Бакытжан Жылсаиын 13 dagar sedan
Mikel Arteta beautiful
Sam Rowbotham
Sam Rowbotham 13 dagar sedan
What is the point in having a reserve team if you are never going to give them a game when first-team players are out injured long term? Why play other first-team players out of position. I am not sure Arteta is the manager to take us forwards. He is not flexible enough in his thinking. Kroenke out.
Kushal Karki
Kushal Karki 13 dagar sedan
This man also has to go if arsenal doesn't qualify for any European competition
StarMel Melody
StarMel Melody 13 dagar sedan
I love Arsenal
Networth 2
Networth 2 13 dagar sedan
Kroenke must accompany his apology with ACTIONS, buy Bissouma, camavinga, Hakimi, Odson, Aouar, or else KROENKE OUT NOW!!!!!
WL 13 dagar sedan
“What was clear to us was that the train was leaving the station. This project was about to be launched with some of the biggest clubs in Europe. We need to assess if this launch happened without us, and this tournament came to fruition without us, what that would mean for the club. Due to concerns about us being left behind, we made the decision to join.” - VV “We have the same plans for summer that we had several weeks ago and I'm still excited about those. So I might be met with mistrust, I might be met with scepticism, but over time I hope to establish some sort of relationship with our supporter groups and show them that we are capable of taking our club forward." - JK Baffling that for an ownership and management team who lack the gumption to categorically say no to abandoning football and the fans, they think they are the very same people who can and will be the ones “taking our club forward”. Are the owners and executives so weak as to bend over backwards for Perez and Agnelli? We’ll play PSG, Dortmund and Bayern in Europe, bring it on. If KSE won’t sell, I hope the club will be taken away from them by force. Not sure how exactly they are deemed “fit and proper” with such unsound decision making about the ESL, and delusion.
Mathew Duffy
Mathew Duffy 13 dagar sedan
I think this shows that the yanks are ruining football for arsenal. They're always distant from our club, the investment into players has been shocking, but yet they want more money from this for what?.. greed that's it. Their apology is a shamble and one with no back bone or with any good meaning, just a load of yanks trying to tell you what you wanna hear. With these guys in charge its very hard to support this club because they make it not feel like arsenal.
The 3MG Social
The 3MG Social 13 dagar sedan
Kroenke out!
C M 13 dagar sedan
"I believe in it, T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶d̶u̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶n̶ The power of arsenal fans"
kav81 13 dagar sedan
Please SELL arsenal
king kong
king kong 13 dagar sedan
Kronkee and arteta out
mista 14 dagar sedan
Arteta can leave with kroenke. Not good enough!
Master 101
Master 101 14 dagar sedan
Master 101
Master 101 14 dagar sedan
Don’t forget , 6PM Friday Protests outside the Emptyrates Stadium
Master 101
Master 101 14 dagar sedan
Arteta and Stan Kroenke need to leave together TONIGHT!
Grant Czernicki
Grant Czernicki 14 dagar sedan
Goonstahh 14 dagar sedan
KROENKE OUT! Do whatever means necessary at the protest tomorrow at 6PM!
Etty lopez
Etty lopez 14 dagar sedan
Such a yes man, disgusted
Julien St-Amant
Julien St-Amant 14 dagar sedan
kroenke out
Nathan J
Nathan J 14 dagar sedan
Kronke out
Furtz7 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out!
Andrew To
Andrew To 14 dagar sedan
Got to admire Mikel going into this conference. Having to protect his job by not throwing his bosses under the bus, as well as showing words of admiration for the fans and the club. Think he did really well. I'd imagine he needed a drink after those 20 minutes. 🍷
Aashish Bhagya
Aashish Bhagya 14 dagar sedan
I'm a life long supporter of our great club but I live in India hence cant come to the grove anytime soon because of the pandemic . Can we, the members of the official Arsenal fan association in India contribute in anyway for tomorrows protests. Being a huge country , we gooners have a huge strength in numbers here.
simon toon
simon toon 14 dagar sedan
6pm Holloway tomorrow the start of something
300bags 14 dagar sedan
We fumbled. The super league was the way forward for us. Now we have to watch city n Chelsea spend 700m this summer. Pray Perez gets his way.
bigalas27 14 dagar sedan
PUNISHMENT FOR THE UK OWNERS OF THE 6 ESL CLUBS. I agree with punishments for the owners of the six clubs, not the fans or players of the 6 UK Clubs as they had no involvment in this matter The ideal way to do this would be for the government or FA to impose a German-style model of 51% fan ownership, with compensation for the owners restricted to a nominal sum, funds raised by sales of the shares to fans going towards paying down club debts (without allowing the same owners to access these funds or refinance or borrow money) and to increasing payments to clubs down the football pyramid. This appalling idea was the responsibility of those owners and they, not fans, clubs or players, should be the ones to bear any punishment.” Please share if you agree.
Yash Parekh
Yash Parekh 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out
Gunners. forever
Gunners. forever 14 dagar sedan
And also talk about the Kroenkes family, why are you misleading the public, that's what led Arsenal to this situation.😤🤕😡
4’s 14 dagar sedan
Shunami 4:11
nucleus 13 dagar sedan
Pronunciation police. Above ⬆️
Alex Debono
Alex Debono 14 dagar sedan
Date: Friday Night Location: Emirates Stadium Objective: KROENKE OUT This needs to be the biggest turn out, COYG 💪
Shadid Talukder
Shadid Talukder 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out, they're not Arsenal like the supporters, the players, and the coach. They will never be Arsenal.
Naveen Krishna P
Naveen Krishna P 14 dagar sedan
Arsenal sacked 55 employees during pandemic (even gunnasaurus). Even after cutting players salaries. I know it's a difficult task, but you can't say they sustained well in pandemic. And btw we are 9 th in the league, used to be title contenders once. I don't see how it was handled well. But I still trust in Arteta🙌
jdf360pwn 14 dagar sedan
American Gooner here, make your voices heard tomorrow at 6pm guys. KSE is an embarrassment and makes me ashamed to be from the same country.
William Hale
William Hale 14 dagar sedan
Kroenkeout start balogun
Rohan Raut
Rohan Raut 14 dagar sedan
Nasri sharif
Nasri sharif 14 dagar sedan
Fake apologies tomorrow inshallah we must get our club he must go
Stephen best
Stephen best 14 dagar sedan
disappointing apologist, lied to and deceived over ESL and now being manipulated - rebuild trust he says. the man is a fool. just another mercenary in the pay of the owners so no great surprise. corruption of the club by money and greed now permeates every level.
lX_BOOM STICK_Xl 14 dagar sedan
To the Arsenal Owner. Back him up or back out.
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke out! Mikel is obviously reading the answers🤣
McSOLA O 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out
Sean Kastro
Sean Kastro 14 dagar sedan
Mikel have some balls. Don't be such a yes man. Nobody respects yes men.
Mo2 14 dagar sedan
20 minutes of Mikel talking Yes please
Rayurnan 14 dagar sedan
Anjola Tope-Babalola
Anjola Tope-Babalola 14 dagar sedan
This arteta guy is just supporting the kreonke guy, please when they took over we were the most financially stable club in the world and we were playing good football How the key shave changed
David Chan
David Chan 14 dagar sedan
They did not apologise. They used PR speak. They should be forced out if possible!
Anjola Tope-Babalola
Anjola Tope-Babalola 14 dagar sedan
You and kreonke need to go
Melissa Popoola
Melissa Popoola 14 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for Mikel he is getting the blame and only wants to make a better team for us
Michael Browne
Michael Browne 14 dagar sedan
If Kroenke was an honourable man he wud sell the club and hang his head, he disrespected the Club and the fans and that is not acceptable in any organisation, if u cant trust ur leader to do the best he can for u then he must go, an apology is no good because we all no that its meaningless, if Kroenke didnt know about loyalty I hope he learned something over the past few days, let that be a lesson to u Mr Kroenke, u cant demand respect u have to earn it and I think the Arsenal fans wud respect u more if u sold the club and let it get on with rebuilding and getting back to where we shud be on the Premier league table, just go, do the right thing.
Balck _coco21k
Balck _coco21k 14 dagar sedan
Dem blades Sufc
Dem blades Sufc 14 dagar sedan
Im sorry arsenal fans but this guy is a puppet. If that super league went ahead he would ride that train all the way. He will lie for them till the end of time! FACTS
Davyhillz TV
Davyhillz TV 14 dagar sedan
Stan kroenke OUT!!!!!! Who's with me ?
Ronit Gurung
Ronit Gurung 14 dagar sedan
Mikel is such a smooth talker. He never utters a controversial statement, neither he agrees to something nor he disagrees to it openly. Acts abit like a pet of an owner, refusing to show is true feelings about this situation in hopes not to tick off the ownership but I do understand the situation he is in rn. I admire manager likes Klopp who publicly praises or criticises and makes his own feelings heard infront of everyone when needed. This interview is pleasing for the ears but unsettling and unsatisfying to our heart as a fan of not only Arsenal but also Football. P.S to everyone who believes the ESL was abandoned because of us fans, please get back to reality. There are certainly things that happened behind the scenes which "forced " every club to leave the ESL beyond just the outrage from us fans. "Because of fans" is only an easy and persuading way to save their a*s.
Tumwine Lawrence
Tumwine Lawrence 14 dagar sedan
Arteta please bring our man every game non other than Pablo Mari
Khalief Budi Indrawan
Khalief Budi Indrawan 14 dagar sedan
where is "Kroenke in ESL", keep throwing another people under the bus~ 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dima Letyagin
Dima Letyagin 14 dagar sedan
Get out from our club, you, kroenke and Indian get out
chocograph 14 dagar sedan
I want a stadium seat of my choice in real time VR/AR and watch matches that way. ARsenal.
Jeson Dias
Jeson Dias 14 dagar sedan
This is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to our club . The arsenal way has forever been tarnished . Kroenke Out
Bart Homme
Bart Homme 14 dagar sedan
owners messed up and top down , manager(coach) have to face the press explaining to the world
zenith Shrestha
zenith Shrestha 14 dagar sedan
Please everyone go to the protest. Even on behalf of us supporters from abroad.
Auba Laca
Auba Laca 14 dagar sedan
It's time to gooooooo Mister Kroenke
K G 14 dagar sedan
Arteta is trying his best to be neutral very thoughtful interview 😎🍾🍾🍾
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas 14 dagar sedan
This guy's a blagger
Stumpt Dragon5
Stumpt Dragon5 14 dagar sedan
KROENKE OUT!!! He only apologised because he got caught out! He can shove his apology!
Ali Shahbal
Ali Shahbal 14 dagar sedan
Slim Gooner
Slim Gooner 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke out and arteta
srikanth adidam venkata
srikanth adidam venkata 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke out
SUDHAKAR 28 14 dagar sedan
# Kroneke out
taison lego
taison lego 14 dagar sedan
Say no to the super league and Stan kroenke
Slavik Elliott
Slavik Elliott 14 dagar sedan
kroenke out!!! Get out of our club!
Ernest Akano
Ernest Akano 14 dagar sedan
Intelligent coach.. Always love your interviews 💯
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 14 dagar sedan
I love you micky.. no one backs you more than me.. but don’t fall into the trap like wenger.. I wanted the greatest football manger of all time to leave arsenal because of his compliance with Stan..don’t be a yes man cause no one wants you to succeed more than me 🤜🏼🤛🏼
62 %
62 % 14 dagar sedan
Gilez 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke out until its backwards
Libriter 14 dagar sedan
Joshua 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out!!!
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Hector will b out da club in the summer
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Jose didn't agree an he was sack but I respect him for standing up for his principles regardless of how I feel about him as a manager
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Fans can't just protest for one game only
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Kronkes out plane an simple
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
How can he agree if he did not know u mug
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Yes I want to see a proper game from the arsenal players an a win
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
The kronkes are liers an the fan's will never trust them
Danimal 14 dagar sedan
Kroenke out! That’s it
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
I what to hear the real reason jose was sack from his own mouth
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
There is no principle arteta in anything those six English clubs ownership did an u should not b there trying to defend it
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
The fan's have had enough now it's time to get these owners out
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Arteta how could u understand anything that they try to do what they was doing an went about it was not genuine
Talli Ban
Talli Ban 14 dagar sedan
Yes I believe Fulham game would've put arsenal in a better position in da league
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