The very best of Folarin Balogun | Goals and highlights compilation

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He's signed a new deal and now you can enjoy the very best of Folarin Balogun so far!
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Viced Edition
Viced Edition Dag sedan
He's got the power. He looks strong
Daniel Iroko
Daniel Iroko 4 dagar sedan
Check 1:20 this guy is a beeeeast
Realist 7 dagar sedan
1:10 Both these players nearly left us. Greenwood sold for £3million is class (despite that he swapped arsenal u23s for Leeds u23s)
Realist 7 dagar sedan
Is he saying 'granit' at the start... Dont believe Granit Xhaka played that pass for a minute.. even in training!
Realist 7 dagar sedan
Instrumental anyone? This vid started so well.. but didnt utilise the song.
CLIPPED 7 dagar sedan
I dont trust any youth with this manager. Azeez Balogun Cotrell Nketiah Nelson ALL should be on Loan instead of playing in the U'23's and rotting on the bench for Elneny and Cebellos who are both 12-20th Table players
Samuel Emeka
Samuel Emeka 7 dagar sedan
Am seeing another balotelli
Mr Viral Comedy Skits
Mr Viral Comedy Skits 8 dagar sedan
Which country is he representing
Suryendu Dalal
Suryendu Dalal 8 dagar sedan
I am not saying he is a bad player, but honestly, he is similar to Eddie Nketiah, nothing special. If you compare him with players like Haaland or Mbappe, then he is nothing in front of them. He might have a great future, but not prepared that much to be in a first team squad of a PL match. If Arteta thinks he will be our future, and rules out possible transfer in summer, then Arsenal will be in second division shortly for sure.
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 8 dagar sedan
guners show the best to all of us your supporters are with you now and always
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 8 dagar sedan
i believe in you Folarin Bolagun show the best of you
Saul Ignacio Alcala
Saul Ignacio Alcala 8 dagar sedan
iam a 🇧🇴 a gooner of Bolivia ii support you now and always Arsenal
HDTV ARTS 8 dagar sedan
Name of beat
HDTV ARTS 8 dagar sedan
Name of song or beat please....dope stuff
1 1
1 1 8 dagar sedan
PLAY HIM!!!!!!
Warsame Jama
Warsame Jama 8 dagar sedan
Looks clinical in front of goal, his hold up play is on point too.. Has all the ingredients to be a top class striker.. Speed, dribbling, strength, finishing 🎯
Malik Kart
Malik Kart 8 dagar sedan
How about players like willock, AMN and azeeez or guendouzi - surely elneny needs to leave too
Malik Kart
Malik Kart 8 dagar sedan
How about players like willock, AMN and azeeez or guendouzi - surely elneny needs to leave too
Golden Boot
Golden Boot 8 dagar sedan
Please dont be another nketiah 🙏
Фаяз Гуламов
Фаяз Гуламов 9 dagar sedan
Sell Auba, nketia , willian . And give a chance to Nelsonn , Balogun , Martinelli . Start trio to next season Laca , Saka and Pepe or Martinelli !!!
Dgnius Makileven
Dgnius Makileven 9 dagar sedan
My G. I have the utmost faith that you WILL have a prosperous career.
Dammy Joy
Dammy Joy 9 dagar sedan
Wasere Omo Balogun, Jekanmon Jare... i dey feel ur Vibes bruh
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee 9 dagar sedan
Flo is a special talent! So glad he signed da ting 🖋👏
Raad Al amen
Raad Al amen 9 dagar sedan
When I grow up I will this club
gxazz wqqrr
gxazz wqqrr 9 dagar sedan
This guy is the truth and future
Tekkman 44
Tekkman 44 9 dagar sedan
Now Arteta must unleash him, he'll be stupid not to!
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 9 dagar sedan
Better than nketiah
Some dude on the internet
Some dude on the internet 9 dagar sedan
Better than freaking nketiah all day long.
Aksi Mahasiswa Muda
Aksi Mahasiswa Muda 9 dagar sedan
This is our "talent" level now
Kumar Sharma
Kumar Sharma 9 dagar sedan
Get this man in the playing 11. Please send Nketiah on loan or sell him. Anyone with decent visibility can see how good Balogun is, better than Nketiah. His hold-up and link up with MF is clearly better than Eddie. Front 3 of Gabi, Balogun, and Sala, MF: Partey, ESR, and MO(don't trust Ceballos, Elneny and Xhaka). Arteta has failed to identify his best playing 11 so far. Playing Eddie against Everton was a big mistake. He should've played Martinelli. EL or bust for Arteta. COYG! Also, bring back Willock, he rarely gives the ball away, has goals in him too.
D R 9 dagar sedan
All he needs to do is develop a powerful strike. Most of his goals are slow low shots that would be saved by top goalkeepers in the league.
이름모를그사나이 10 dagar sedan
We need a Definite ST. I think he is best of it pls employ him Arteta
D Ag Tacs
D Ag Tacs 10 dagar sedan
arteta out
mysterious billionaire
mysterious billionaire 10 dagar sedan
He will take another 2 years to make it at least. We should loan him out immediately
lX_BOOM STICK_Xl 10 dagar sedan
Are really getting so excited by someone with two goals against Molde & Dundalk... If he’s so good why doesn’t he play more. Under average player and he’s treated as a Star embarrassing
Brian 10 dagar sedan
Promising player..Azeez is next
TRILLBEATS LDN 10 dagar sedan
TRILLBEATS LDN 10 dagar sedan
Çağatay gezer gamer 79
Çağatay gezer gamer 79 10 dagar sedan
mesut özili neden oynatımıyosunuz kariyeri bitti
Jamal Ali Muluya
Jamal Ali Muluya 10 dagar sedan
If given enough time I believe he can break records at arsenal fc
Ryan Crane
Ryan Crane 10 dagar sedan
Don't do a Martineli and flex him on socials then not play him
Mir 10 dagar sedan
The kid is ready can’t wait for him to prove himself
Khizer Azeem Khaliq
Khizer Azeem Khaliq 10 dagar sedan
Kronke Out
bongkar regy
bongkar regy 10 dagar sedan
Who says balogun is not ready for premier league
Khalids 10 dagar sedan
funny thing...the name "Balogun"...loosely translates as "Cheif of the warriors"
CHIEF BADDY 10 dagar sedan
Azeez is next in line. Another Nigerian. We dey here!!
Fernandi Yusri
Fernandi Yusri 10 dagar sedan
He has a 'gun' in his name... 🔥
TwistedSouL 10 dagar sedan
Kroenke Out
MCF 61
MCF 61 10 dagar sedan
Gun 🔥
Nelson Demba
Nelson Demba 10 dagar sedan
If Arteta wants success next season then Arsenal must now go on and bring in Bissouma, Paston Daka, Nuno Mendes (LB) 18yrs old from Sporting and Diaby from Leverkusen. Sell Torreira, Nketiah, Maitland- Niles or Willock, Kolasinac, Elneny, Bellerin and either Aubameyang or Lacazette if there are decent offers for any of them, but I personally would sell Aubameyang over Lacazette. Trim the wage bill, use the money to reinvest.
Deddy Limabelas
Deddy Limabelas 10 dagar sedan
He's stronger than Eddie. He can holding the ball well like true number 9. Maybe, he could be Lukaku. 👏
KanivaOH 10 dagar sedan
If they do all of this and still keep this guy from first team football I’m gonna be soo disappointed
Invincible 004
Invincible 004 10 dagar sedan
Hes ridiculous
Ashton Kthcer
Ashton Kthcer 10 dagar sedan
Congrats Boyy !! can't wait for: --------------- Balogun ------------------ --- Martinelli - ESR - Saka -----
Rodney Sinclair
Rodney Sinclair 10 dagar sedan
We will see if he is hype up or overrated or as good as they think he is
Elias 10 dagar sedan
Future striker star of Arsenal! KROENKE OUT!! 🔴⚪
sjwlofficial 10 dagar sedan
Our team could be Balogun Martinelli Saka ESR Odegaard Azeez Tierney Gabriel Saliba Maitland-Niles Leno Holy flip
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru 10 dagar sedan
Harith Haikal
Harith Haikal 10 dagar sedan
Better then nketiah masam
Wavhothe Masindi
Wavhothe Masindi 10 dagar sedan
Play young Guns for the ramainder of the season. Azeez, Balogun, Lopez, Hutchinson
Isaac Muanda
Isaac Muanda 10 dagar sedan
HydroInvalid 10 dagar sedan
Ibnu Yunus
Ibnu Yunus 10 dagar sedan
he is ready to be the next no. 9
LoGicA Gaming
LoGicA Gaming 10 dagar sedan
Eddy has to be sold to allow balo through! Balo looks like a much complete no.9 than eddy
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 10 dagar sedan
It'd be better if we don't hype him too much. If he fails to meet our expectations, he could fall hard like Afobe and Akpom
Vanza Trijoergi
Vanza Trijoergi 10 dagar sedan
Balogun > nketiah
Obi Choshane
Obi Choshane 10 dagar sedan
Music to my ears come on Guys next Daniel Ek Thierry Henry,Dennis Bergkamp,Patrick Viera
D Mensah
D Mensah 10 dagar sedan
This may mean the end for Nketiah. All the best to Eddie if he is to leave and all the best to Folarin at Arsenal
Arli Njms
Arli Njms 10 dagar sedan
Balogun , Saka , SmithRowe OnFire The Next Season
KPFTV Eddie 10 dagar sedan
Azeez is the next youngster to make the step up. ESR deserves a new contract and having Balogun, Saka, ESR and Martinelli all tied down gives me hope for the future.
Realist 7 dagar sedan
We have too much depth (certainly attacking) Obviously the bait name is Omari Hutchinson but no one mentions Flores or Moller... and defensively we have Omar Rekik.
Realist 7 dagar sedan
@Gabe Reyes Dont think he has signed the contract we offered.. his current deal runs out in a few months!
Realist 7 dagar sedan
Bro u know! Azeez has always been slept on.. he is unreal (when hes not doing flash stuff he plays so intelligently).
Dgnius Makileven
Dgnius Makileven 9 dagar sedan
Azeez and Taylor-Hart has been on my radar
Gabe Reyes
Gabe Reyes 9 dagar sedan
After Azeez it's Taylor-Hart up next
Christaki 10 dagar sedan
Bang! 🔫
Zack Alex
Zack Alex 10 dagar sedan
Yes! Add AZEEZ and the future is brighter than 5 sun!!
TrizzyLavish160 _
TrizzyLavish160 _ 10 dagar sedan
This guy is something special💫💫💫
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea 10 dagar sedan
Flo Blow!
D D 10 dagar sedan
Brian Mwakwa
Brian Mwakwa 10 dagar sedan
seriously he is a gun
Brian Mwakwa
Brian Mwakwa 10 dagar sedan
seriously he is a gun
Gaming 6FeetUnder
Gaming 6FeetUnder 10 dagar sedan
I was expecting to see just Eddie Nketiah since Arteta plays him instead of this kid
Rossill 10 dagar sedan
Nice distraction tactic, congrats to balogun wish him the best! However Kroenke out always
RKTuggz 10 dagar sedan
I really wanna play for arsenal youth
Dumisani Tshuma
Dumisani Tshuma 10 dagar sedan
Next. Azeez
Royal K
Royal K 10 dagar sedan
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hector k
hector k 10 dagar sedan
mikel Arteta open ur eyes and give him a chance
MannyBants 10 dagar sedan
They rather play neketia then him😭😂
ZEROTWO FF 10 dagar sedan
mohamed hassan
mohamed hassan 10 dagar sedan
Sell nketia and give him a chance
MB10 10 dagar sedan
Btw he has my last name
Oli 10 dagar sedan
Elvin Olin
Elvin Olin 10 dagar sedan
Gonna go buy Spotify premium as you all should...
Rohan Singh Saund
Rohan Singh Saund 10 dagar sedan
0 dislikes camon
Barca Arsenal
Barca Arsenal 10 dagar sedan
Arsenal's new star
Ruth KL
Ruth KL 10 dagar sedan
Balogun is better than Eddi no doubt 🔴⚪
소리Sheep 10 dagar sedan
Ive been 20yrs supporting for Arsenal. That video is useless cuz there is no world class from arsenal youth. Nobody.
จิรายุส จุลปานะ
จิรายุส จุลปานะ 10 dagar sedan
That's why he is the man to lead the line for Arsenal first-team to scoring more goals and he can be Arsenal's greatest striker, hopefully i want to see him playing for the club this season very soon.
The Sir Roy
The Sir Roy 10 dagar sedan
Arsenal fans and mediocrity. No wonder the team is where they are. Instead of calling for the purchase of proven players they are fighting for inexperienced players 🤦🏽‍♂️. Sir Roy
Rohan Majumder
Rohan Majumder 10 dagar sedan
O dislikes. That's the love we have for him
sorei abon
sorei abon 10 dagar sedan
The name itself have a GUN🔫
Jayden Tengwana
Jayden Tengwana 10 dagar sedan
2015 Arya Karkera 58
2015 Arya Karkera 58 10 dagar sedan
His hold up play is as good as Lacazette so he can play false 9 but his finishing is more clinical and composed than Laca. He doesn't just blasts it, he places it with perfect accuracy and pace. Hope he'll work out for us.
2015 Arya Karkera 58
2015 Arya Karkera 58 9 dagar sedan
@B_Hav_ Renewing Laca's contract would be a naive decision considering his age and letting him run down his contract to walk away for free would be wasteful. It's best to sell him this summer for 30M or so. He is good and has been turning up lately but he is still not the answer so Balogun or not Laca has to go.
B_Hav_ 9 dagar sedan
Well we dont really know do we? We haven't seen Balogun enough to say he is at Laca's level. Selling lacazette would not be good, he is the only player who turn up in big games.
LaxTon Ghost Sweden
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Most UNFORGETTABLE Arsenal Wins #7
LaxTon Ghost Sweden
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